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    Bloomberg: Japan Pulls Off an Early Chip Victory

    OK, very interesting. So, if I get it right, they will start with 40nm tech (as the Kumamoto Governor is saying in the interview), then to 28nm, then to n7, which seems to be the more advanced node this fab will produce? Or all tech in parallel? (It's not clear from the tsmc press kit...
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    Ten Trillion, Cost of a Taiwan/China/Allies war, Bloomberg

    OK, got it. Although in this case I'd argue that the topic of a hypothetic conflict over Taiwan brings both areas closely together. People on this forum generally have a solid grasp of the tech aspect (something most mainstream journalists don't these days), so we are able to steer the...
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    Ten Trillion, Cost of a Taiwan/China/Allies war, Bloomberg

    This Bloomberg analysis unfortunately does not take into consideration a third scenario (which I'd posit is far more likely to happen in case Xi decides to go to war), and that would be a continuous and very intense bombing campaign, using a (weeks/months-long) combination of: 1. Cheap drones...
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    Taiwan/TSM is Safe, AI/ML will compound on themselves

    IF China would hypothetically go to war over Taiwan (which they won't), this would not necessarily mean a full-scale invasion, with D-Day style amphibious landings, etc. The comparison with Ukraine is limited in this regard. Ukraine is a huge and flat country, ideal for tank warfare and...
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    China breaks through with Huawei's 9000S?

    The closed captions don't seem to work unfortunately, which makes the video unwatchable for a big portion of this forum....