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Search results

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    US Federal Agencies Score Terribly on Cybersecurity

    The May 2018 Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) scorecard reported dismal cybersecurity preparedness for U.S. federal agencies. FITARA now includes a metric for grading agency cybersecurity postures, tied to the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)...
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    Cybercrime Reaches $1.5 Trillion Security Must Change

    Although not a complete picture, as data can be hard to come by and validate, researchers over at Bromium have estimated cybercrime to reach an unbelievable cost of about $1.5 trillion dollars. Take the numbers with a grain of salt, but the breakdown does give some understanding of the growing...
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    Advice to Governments Developing Cyber Weapons

    Governments are the biggest investors in developing offensive cyber capabilities and collecting technical exploits. Such digital arsenals are an asset but also a potential liability. Security and protection is crucial to these highly transferable and reusable resources. Strategic planning and...
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    Facial Recognition May Not be Secure for Long!

    Facial recognition has been struggling for some time to be accepted as a mainstream biometric. Apple’s latest generation iPhoneis shifting away from fingerprint scanning and may introduce large numbers of consumers to facial recognition to unlock their most personal device. But history has shown...
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    Cybersecurity Misconceptions - Tech is Good or Bad (no, just a tool)

    Cybersecurity is complex and there are many dangerous misconceptions that makes our digital lives even harder to achieve. Labeling specific technology as either Good or Bad can influence people to ignore potential risks and benefits. In reality technology can be used for in benign or malicious...
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    465k Patients Require a Cybersecurity Patch

    Software updates are becoming more painful. 465k pacemaker patients have been told they need a security patch. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a safety communication indicating a firmware update was necessary to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities in Abbott’s...
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    Beware When Donating for Hurricane Relief!

    Where there is Crisis, there is Always Fraud Hurricane Harvey, a massive Category 4, has devastated coastal regions of Texas, the major city of Houston, and surrounding communities. Americans have a long history of helping those in need after disasters. Tens of millions and possibly hundreds of...
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    CIA Can Disable Security Cameras During Operations!

    Given how insecure IP cameras are, it is absolutely no surprise that the CIA has a number of tools and techniques to disable them when conducting operations. Over the past year, we have seen how many surveillance cameras are using default passwords, sending credential in-the-clear (unencrypted)...
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    Open Source Bots Can Crack Safes!

    An open source robot, developed by the team at Sparkfun, can crack a safe in 15 minutes. With motors, gears, and custom logic, this device is designed to find the right combination to unlock a reinforced door. It is a Do-it-Yourself automatic safe cracker! Should we worry about the risks of...
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    GPS Hacks Against Shipping!

    Reports are coming out of the Black Sea that back in June, a number of ships were impacted by interference with their Global Positioning Systems(GPS) that they use for navigation. A number of ships reported false GPS locations while in the Black Sea, indicating their position to be almost 20...
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    The Federal Government Wants IoT Security to Improve

    The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017 is proposed legislation intending to require basic best-practices for cybersecurity when the government is looking to purchase products. It imposes certain design requirements and capabilities to enhance overall security. It includes...