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    Lattice's New Focus / Drop in Server Shipments / DinoPlusAI / Mythic's New Funding

    New Focus for Lattice A few years ago, Lattice Semiconductor attempted to broaden its product breadth by going beyond Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and acquired assets leading to the debut of various consumer electronics-oriented products (e.g. USB-C, and HDMI). While the new products...
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    AI-Enabled Embedded Systems / EfficientNet: Compound Model Scaling and More

    Intriguing Embedded Module from SolidRun Armed with Gyrfalcon AI Accelerator SolidRun ( announced the availability of i.MX 8M Mini System on Module (SOM) with some serious AI acceleration horsepower, thanks to Gyrfalcon Lightspeeur® 2803S accelerator chip. This module is a...
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    Impressions from Embedded Vision Summit 2019

    I had an opportunity to visit the showcase of the Embedded Vision Summit (held this week in Santa Clara Convention Center). The event was certainly bigger and more colorful than the previous ones. Aside from the usual vendors, I came across many new names offering various products, services...
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    AI Hardware Update - Differentiating AI Inference Accelerator Chips

    I keep track of approximately 50 companies that are building deep neural network (DNN) accelerator chips and I have been criticized for not having a complete list. While there is no doubt that the market for deep learning chips is and will be growing leaps and bounds, it is hard to imagine...
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    AI Hardware Update | A Quick Look At AI-Enabled Edge Servers

    A Definition FirstEdge Servers are servers that are not located in the cloud or a at the data center. They are primarily mounted in a closet in factory floors, airports, train and bus stations, trains, buses, autonomous vehicles, oil rigs, and virtually hundreds of other applications. At one...
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    AI Hardware Update (GTC 2019 Impressions, Xilinx CNN IP)

    GTC 2019 ObservationsLast week Nvidia held its annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose Convention Center. On display there were a whole host of products and technologies in many domains including Automotive, Gaming, Deep Learning, and Hyperscale Computing. While there are no shortages...
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    AI Hardware Update

    Facebook Expands the Open Compute Project (OCP) to Cover AI Applications Facebook supports 2.7B people, does 200 trillion predictions, and over 6 billion daily translations. Additionally, 3.5 billion images are analyzed to better recognize and tag content. So, it should come as no surprise...
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    AI Hardware Update - Fracture in Semis - Innovation from OpenAI

    AI Hardware Update Google’s Edge-TPU Development Board (for only $150) The most significant development in the world of AI hardware last week was the availability of deep learning development kit from Google. This board is based on Google’s Edge-TPU machine learning accelerator chip that was...
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    Chips for Machine Learning (Part II)

    I covered the Machine Learning (ML) product offerings from Alphabet, Nervana, and NVIDIA in my last week’s post and I intend to touch on the offerings from Wave Computing, Movidius, and Greenwave Technologies in this post. Let me begin by indicating that the material presented today will be...
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    Chips for Machine Learning (part I)

    We are at an early stages of having chips earmarked for Machine Learning (ML), but there are already a number of companies that have (or are about to have) products in this domain. My goal here is to take a market snapshot of available products addressing this nascent market. Initially I would...
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    A $1200 Computational Powerhouse for Deep Learning Apps

    I have two objectives in this post. First I would like to present some details about NVDIA’s latest Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) chip. My second objective is to present the reasons why I believe that the availability of this GPU combined with Google’s recent release of TensorFlow (Artificial...
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    Much To Be Learned From Earnings Calls

    Well we are in the middle of earnings season and a large number of semiconductor companies have already made earnings announcements. I truly cherish listening to certain earning calls not so much for investment purposes. I have learned to extract a wealth of data points that collectively can...