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    1400-1500 chips in new cars

    This seems crazy. It's starting to remind me of the situation where wiring complexity in cars got so large and costly that the CAN bus was created. There's got to be a way to consolidate some of these "discretes" - that's what ICs are supposed to be for after all.
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    Sam Altman wants Washington's backing for his $7 trillion AI chip venture

    Returning to my comment about this last week (what could you possibly spend the $7trn on). Some others pointed out that you could buy out a few of the magnificent seven. But that creates nothing new. I missed the possibility that you could hire 1 million new engineers for 7 years at an annual...
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    Arm's Blowout Quarter Discussion 2024

    It's also worth remembering just how small the free float is for ARM after the IPO - SoftBank still owns almost all the shares and most of the rest are likely held by the corporate investors (ARM's big licencees). It's a perfect scenario for share price volatility (up 55% late last week, down...
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    Intel Delays its Ohio fabs

    Can't track it down right now, but I recall him explicitly saying this in an interview within the last few months.
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    The Bleeding Edge of Semiconductors: A Tale of Three Companies || Peter Zeihan

    I've watched quite a lot of Peter Zeihan's geopolitics stuff. He specialises in big picture, "helicopter view" stuff and can be quite convincing (he certainly speaks with enormous self-confidence). He seems to have a pretty good understanding of things like global oil and energy markets and...
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    TSMC vs Intel and Samsung 2024 Guidance

    Thanks. Yes, I'm recalling the depreciation change. Curious if that's now any different to TSMC or Samsung. Note that Ireland's GDP is hugely skewed upwards by their tax arbitrage income (a huge amount of their national income is due to financial engineering) and actual per capita income is...
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    TSMC vs Intel and Samsung 2024 Guidance

    Hold on - if Intel costs are higher than TSMC price (I'm taking your word on that - I've got nothing else to go on here), isn't that effectively saying that TSMC's costs are at least 40% (and probably more) lower than Intel's ? If that is the case - and if there isn't a way to close that gap...
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    Sam Altman Seeks Trillions of Dollars to Reshape Business of Chips and AI

    I'm just curious what he could actually spend $7tn on ! What's Intel's annual R&D spend or TSMC's ? Certainly well below $100bn. Raising $7tn implies spending an order of magnitude higher than that. I thought new fab equipment supply (EUV) was already very tight. And if he's actually thinking...
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    Arm's Blowout Quarter Discussion 2024

    Wasn't there a story about ARM's pre-IPO plans to start charging royalties 'á la Qualcomm' as a percentage on the final end equipment price rather than the actual chip containing the ARM IP price ? I remember hearing quite a lot about this, together with much speculation about how much licencee...
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    Intel CEO on the importance of leading with honesty

    I know I shouldn't go there, but ... something about Pat's intonation and use of rhetorical questions reminded me of Michael Scott in "The Office" (my son's been forcing us to watch all the episodes - the US version's so much better than the UK original).
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    Intel's Foundry Business Has $10 Billion Locked In, Who are the Four Customers?

    The $10bn is the [best case ?] projected lifetime revenue ("total lifetime deal value") from all four and not an annual figure. And says nothing about what up front payments (if any) Intel is receiving.
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    Intel Delays its Ohio fabs

    Excuse the dumb question from a Brit ... why don't they just fix the tax code so dividends aren't taxed twice ? These tax code anomalies like preferring debt financing to equity (an effective subsidy to private equity and leveraged buyouts) and tax policies that enourage massive offshore profit...
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    Massive Operation Smuggling Semiconductors from US to China Uncovered

    Wouldn't it be more efficient for the US government to slap an export tax on the banned semiconductors for China, cut out the middlemen in Korea/Middle East/wherever and invest the proceeds in defence ? Set the tax level just high enough to make the secondary trade unprofitable. Not being...
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    Intel Reports Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year 2023 Financial Results

    "The core business we see as healthy," Gelsinger said. "We see no areas for market share loss and the products are getting stronger." Not sure I agree with that. Over the last decade, Intel has had two core businesses - PCs/laptops (CCG) and servers/data centre (DCG) (80+% of total revenues)...
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    The CHIPS Act Helps the Wrong Companies

    Why is this a worry ? Surely that will eventually happen - and when it does wouldn't you rather the end products were cheaply mass-produced than not (the alternative presumably being to pay more to monopolistic suppliers) ? And if we can't directly innovate semiconductors any more, then we can...
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    Mobileye’s stock melts down as inventory issues prompt grim revenue warning

    It looks like the IPO was at least 15 months ago, so too far in the rear view mirror to be relevant ? The other curious thing is that if there was multiple ordering and inventory correction at auto companies, hasn't this also shown up at other automotive chip suppliers (I haven't checked) ? In...
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    Mobileye’s stock melts down as inventory issues prompt grim revenue warning

    That seems highly implausible. Unless they were asleep at the wheel, it can't have been too difficult for them to correlate chip shipments into auto makers to auto maker production and sales (car inventory being rather difficult to hide). Equally curious that none of the Wall Street analysts...
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    What Lies Ahead for Auto Industry in 2024

    Yes, these modular car systems where you can retrofit parts from third party suppliers to progressively upgrade what you originally bought would be great. But please show me any sign that this is actually what is happening. I think the reverse is occurring- and quite rapidly. Companies like...
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    Intel CEO says Nvidia’s AI dominance is pure luck — Nvidia VP fires back, says Intel lacked vision and execution

    Aren't you an analog guy (or is my memory failing me) ? Surely black and white is for us digital types !