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    Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger on achieving chip independence: Goal is 50/50 by the end of the decade

    I believe any chance of Taiwan agreeing to unify with China sailed out after the 2019-2020 Hong Kong protests. The methods and ways which the CCP took control and ended much of the freedoms and rights of the people in Hong Kong horrified Taiwan (and much of the Western World). Xi Jingping did...
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    Rumors swirl that TSMC chairman Mark Liu was forced to retire over Arizona fab debacle

    Posting for the first time in a long time since many users of SemiWiki are so smart and insightful with their posts/'s hard for a non-semi professional to add something of value. 😅 I'm personally a fairly skeptical about this rumor but I didn't see it mentioned here but thought it...
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    Intel struggles to escape mudhole

    Well...then I'm going to contradict myself and post this article as well regarding Nvidia potentially using Intel Foundry: "You know that we also manufacture with Samsung, and we're open to manufacturing with Intel. Pat [Gelsinger] has said in the past that we're evaluating the process, and we...
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    Intel struggles to escape mudhole

    Seems like Intel Foundry is hitting a few bumps on the road. Qualcomm and Tesla have backed away at least temporary: “We didn’t get into this mud hole because everything was going great,” said Gelsinger, who took over as CEO in 2021. “We had some serious issues in terms of leadership, people...
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    Samsung Electronics to invest $228 billion in five new factories by 2042

    I'm a bit shocked at the price tag...but the Korean resolve/desire to obtain leadership in critical technologies (display, semiconductor, batteries) is impressive...
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    Korea seeks chip self-sufficiency

    Self-sufficiency isn't the word I'd use...more like chip dominance.
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    T J Rodgers says Chip Act wil do more damage than good, CNBC now

    Given how divided, dysfunctional and petty Washington is these days, I wouldn't hold my breath on a CHIPS Act 2 or CHIPS Act 3 anytime soon...much to Pat's chagrin. I mean the Senate just recently blocked the PACT Act and it previously enjoyed wide-spread bipartisan support. :rolleyes:
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    Samsung, TSM and Intel the odd man out

    Peter Wennink, ASML CEO, made that statement BEFORE Intel announced their 'IDM 2.0' strategy although I personally doubt the market can support five players. The reason is that only a few large companies (like Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia and AMD) will be able to afford 1. TSMC - Although they've...
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    TSMC has the largest market share in the global semiconductor manufacturing industry

    It looks like TSMC will be investing some of their money in mature and specialty nodes after all. The article states that they will expand their capacity by 50% by 2025 and will be intensifying their competition against GlobalFoundries, UMC and SMIC...
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    Chips act should an investment, not a grant

    To summarize a Washington Post article (paywall)... There is strong support in Congress for the semiconductor subsidies, and for increased spending on the National Science Foundation and other research efforts, but agreement breaks down over other policies. Source (paywall)...
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    Semiconductor Dependency Imperils American Security

    Eric Schmidt (ex-CEO of Google) and Graham Allison (Harvard professor of government) wrote a commentary in the WSJ arguing that American national security is at risk if it is completely dependent on Taiwan for advanced semiconductors. You can read their arguments in the link below...
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    TSMC says it will have advanced ASML chipmaking tool in 2024

    TSMC executives stated on Thursday that they will have ASML's "high-NA EUV" chipmaking tool in 2024. Source:
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    TSMC commits to nanosheets at 2nm

    EE Times reports that TSMC has now publicly confirmed that they will be using nanosheets at 2nm starting in 2025. They also gave a quick preview of TSMC roadmap for the next few years as well as provide some color on the competitive foundry market. Source...
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    China/Taiwan, War a lose/lose

    Bloomberg reports (link below...apologies paywalled) A senior Chinese economist at a CCP-run research group has called on the government to seize TSMC if the US hits China with sanctions like those leveled against Russia. Source...
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    TSMC to boost ties with Memory Vendors - Good news for MU? Good news or Intel?

    According to Tip3X (a small website I've never heard previously of), TSMC Chairman Mark Liu hinted that TSMC would start cooperating with Micron in the field of logic and memory chips. Perhaps that's...
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    TSMC Pay in the USA Comparison:

    TSMC actually recently approved of an employee stock purchase plan that subsidizes employee purchases of TSMC stock by 15%. Employees of TSMC and its fully owned subsidiaries would be allowed to allocate 15-20% of their monthly salaries for stock purchases. This plan will take effect in August...
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    Arm China’s renegade chief makes his last stand

    Thanks for the pictures of the signatures, VCT. Is it me or are there a few names that seem to repeat? That said I hope ARM will NOT transfer access to the ARMv9 or any additional ARM IP to ARM China given the lack of cooperation from Chinese authorities. Or perhaps they can start a new...
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    Samsung to Spend $360 Billion on Chips, Biotech Over 5 Years

    It's expected that much of that money will go towards mergers and acquisitions. Samsung recently hired BoA investment banker Marco Chisari whose specialty is M&A in the semiconductor sector as the head of Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center. The Korea Times indicated that Samsung...
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    Will Intel’s Turnaround Plan Include Ankle Bracelets?

    Apparently the labor shortage at Intel is so severe that they're willing to rehire workers they previously laid off...
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    TSMC 4nm vs Samsung 4nm

    It looks like Samsung is planning on showcasing a 3nm processor to President Biden during his visit to South Korea. However, the rumor is that Samsung's 3nm chip currently only yields 10-20% range! Source(s)...