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Search results

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    When in the manufacturing process do wafer lots get divided up? (die bank or back end?)

    out of curiosity: what is the reason for scrapping such high amounts of "good" material?
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    TSMC’s Kumamoto factory will open in February next year

    The fact German national government already starts to question their promised subsidies, I honestly doubt it is going to be a success.
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    Intel wins US appeal to overturn $2.18 billion VLSI patent verdict

    The title suggests Intel won, but did they actually? If I am not misunderstanding, the verdict was only reversed for one of two cases. For the second case it seems the patent infringement was confirmed and "proper award" is yet to be decided on. I guess Daniel is right by stating only the...
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    TSMC cuts prices by 10% for its manufacturing process without warning. Senior executive reveals surprising secrets

    Questions to the experts on this forum: is this current decline on 7nm actually surprising? My understanding is the initial users of 7nm node are likely the ones who try to be on the most advanced node at any time. These customers have moved on to newer processes now, leaving a gap on 7nm for...
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    Samsung sold more ASML shares in Q3

    Considering capex spending has likely reached it peak, one can expect equipment manufacturer share prices to drop. To anticipate this selling shares is investor logic (potentially even with insider knowledge). Since the author does not provide background info and/or speculate on reasoning for...
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    Intel’s Big Chip-Making Push in Germany Hits Bottleneck

    Please don´t get me wrong: that is not my opinion ;-) To be honest I would not want a polluting factory next to my house either, so thank god there are regulations on that. What I was trying to say is the way such rules are to be interpreted and handled in our local bureaucracy are very...
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    Intel’s Big Chip-Making Push in Germany Hits Bottleneck

    For me there are multiple reasons why you would not want to build in Germany currently: - German bureaucracy (building permits, environmental audits, etc.) - Electricity cost (has more than doubled in the last 7 years) - Labor Cost (incl. protective laws for workforce) Locally I sense a feeling...
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    Arm updates IPO filing, estimates pricing between $47 and $51 per share

    I can only agree.! If you´d ask me, I would assume Softbank is trying to cover up a bad investment through trickery. Softbank can artificially increase the share price by only releasing a small portion of the shares to the public. This will increase the value of their left-over share...
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    Intel Terminates Tower Semiconductor Acquisition

    Guess we are going to see some exciting announcements in IFS soon... Random thought: couldn't Intel just go ahead without Chinas approval? It is Probably an important Part of the acquisition contract. They are american though and Tower is Israeli as far as I know. Such a move would likely...
  10. C

    Intel Saw A 23% Client CPU Market Share Increase In Q2 2023 While AMD Fell -5.3%

    Unless overall market grew. The article contains absolute numbers and not market share. Just because Intel shipped 23% more units, does not mean they took share from AMD.
  11. C

    Apple Must Go Into Medical

    Healthcare is already becoming increasingly unaffordable in many regions. While I do see the technical opportunity, I am doubtful whether Apple (or any other big tech player) entering this market would help to bring down overall cost.
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    U.S. Tech Sanctions Against China Are Starting to Bite Hard

    When I read the title I was about to go tilt, but despite the title the author apparently is aware these numbers basically say nothing. If we take a look at the numbers Bill Jewell recently published (, one may also...
  13. C

    How the world went from a semiconductor shortage to a major glut

    I personally expect the industry to reduce production output soon to make up for the high inventory levels. Especially IDMs will use this for cost saving purposes. Some even expect few months of allocation in 2024 because of such measures. Has anyone already seen announcements regarding...
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    Every Government wants a fab, Does the market?

    How could China do so? Would they restrict production capacitiy and/or export of wafers, or do these mature nodes require specific raw materials that can (currently) only be sourced from China?
  15. C

    UMC Reports Sales for June 2023

    is there any publicly available data on number of wafers shipped? To understand the current market revenue numbers might become somewhat misleading considering the huge difference in price per wafer depending on node. My assumption is TSMC growth is mainly depending on more expensive leading...
  16. C

    Samsung Planning Semiconductor Plant in Europe?

    There is a loophole in the Dutch legal system which affects publicly traded companies. Overly simplified stated it allows the current stakeholders to match any acquisition bids. The French and Italian government are still significant shareholders in STMicro. In case of an attempted hostile take...
  17. C

    Intel Agrees to Sell Minority Stake in IMS Nanofabrication Business to Bain Capital

    Local media is reporting annual revenue of around 360-400 million USD in 2021. According to one source their officially reported revenue for 2021 was 362,7 million EUR. I haven´t found more recent numbers yet. Looks like Intel is cashing in on a successful investment.
  18. C

    Will we ever see STMicro or GF offer 7nm-class chips?

    Main arguments I have heard so far are complex PCB design and end-of-line quality control. Why pick up the extra cost for few extra layers in your PCB and x-ray inspection (instead of AOI) if it´s not necessary? Also, I am aware of some concerns in regards to use of BGA and QFN package in harsh...
  19. C

    Will we ever see STMicro or GF offer 7nm-class chips?

    Not necessarily for the process technology itself, but it is a limitation for the typical ST customer base. Typically, automotive and industrial customers try to avoid BGA style packages whereever possible and instead prefer LQFP/QFN packages. The "pads" (please forgive/correct me if that's not...
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    Will we ever see STMicro or GF offer 7nm-class chips?

    Unless there is a huge update on packaging technology, I don´t see ST pushing towards 7nm technology. Their strategic focus is on automotive, consumer and industrial markets. Since these markets have special requirements on the package types, they would not benefit significantly from smaller...