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Search results

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    Atmel Goes to Dialog Semiconductor

    Dialog Semiconductor plc has announced to buy Atmel Corp. for a total of $4.6 billion in cash and shares, report The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News. Another big merger to create synergy for the Internet of Things (IoT) gold rush? You bet. Atmel has been on the block for quite some time...
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    Samsung SoCs: IoT the Next Frontier

    Samsung is readying its Internet of Things (IoT) chipset called Artik for announcement, according to a news report from CNET. The Korean electronics giant is expected to unveil Artik at the Internet of Things World conference being held in San Francisco on May 12-13, 2015. Samsung is ramping...
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    China Upping IP Ante with OmniVision Purchase

    Digital imaging chipmaker OmniVision Technologies Inc. has been acquired by a consortium comprising of Hua Capital Management, CITIC Capital Holdings and GoldStone Investments for approximately $1.9 billion. The Santa Clara, California-based OmniVision is one of the leading suppliers of image...
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    Why Qualcomm Spin-off is Trickier Than it Seems

    Jana Partners LLC is asking Qualcomm to consider spinning off its chip unit from itspatent-licensing business, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Jana is one of Qualcomm’s largest shareholders with a stake worth of more than $2 billion. The report also quotes analysts at Arete...
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    Forked Android in China

    EE Times has reported about the proliferation of forked Android in China. According to the report, China's smartphone makers are not waiting for new features stipulated by Google and are going ahead with their own hardware and software solutions. Forked Android, the open-source version of...
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    ARM's mbed Starter Kit: Arduino for IoT?

    ARM has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) starter kit that is based on its mbed software-enabled development board from Freescale running an ARM Cortex M4 processor. The board is connected to IBM's BlueMix cloud service, so that users can port data to IBM's home to IoT technology: Internet of...
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    Qualcomm's New Chips: A MediaTek Equalizer?

    Cellular chip powerhouse Qualcomm has today unveiled four new Snapdragon processors: 415, 425, 618 and 620. Snapdragon 415 chip will be available in June 2015 while other chips will be launched by the year-end. It's interesting to note that these mobile chips have many of the features that are...
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    ARM's new IP launch: Smartphone 2.0?

    ARM is the unsung hero of the smartphone revolution. And now, just when people began asking what next after the smartphone, the British processor designer has shown the glimpse of what can be called Smartphone 2.0. Exactly how? For a start, smartphone needs to be far more powerful than it is...