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Search results

  1. K

    TSMC: There is risk in Taiwan semiconductor supply chain, we should build complete local supply chain within Taiwan

    I think that what our industry needs is a more pluralistic world rather than nationalistic. Despite the fact that I dont really know whether it is even possible to envision the semiconductor design and manufacturing sector in a localised manner, the choices that are available are detrimentally...
  2. K

    China’s top chipmaker will ‘struggle’ to make cutting-edge chips competitively

    I am not entirely sure how your remarks perfectly align with reality. While I am not familiar with the overclocking scene, I can see that the clock frequency differences between Intel and AMD processors are not that big to make such excessive quotes that you are making. And since you also...
  3. K

    TSMC February 2023 Revenue Report

    Everyone is reporting about the economic downturn in the semiconductor field and lots of companies are already reporting grim numbers. In a sense, I believe that this makes a wonderful opportunity for TSMC compared to all other fabs. For fabless or fab-lite companies, in a difficult economic...
  4. K

    Intel earnings announcement - gloomy 2023

    We have already seen reports of Intel scaling down their initial grand plans of multiple fabs at multiple locations. For example Intel does not commit to a start construction date for the fab in Germany...
  5. K

    How Intel plans to rival TSMC and Samsung as a chip supplier

    I do not really see this. Samsung apart from RAM, NAND and displays along and with the relevant chips, such as controllers or image processors, is not that big in the mobile sector (and it even buys tons of chips from competitors to use in its products, possible as a way to secure more deals)...
  6. K

    Intel delays Sapphire Rapids due to low yields?

    I thought so. Do you have any source on whether Sapphire Rapids is delayed or not (regardless of process issues)?
  7. K

    Intel delays Sapphire Rapids due to low yields?

    I read this report today: Is it a credible source? If Intel still has issues with Intel 7, what does this mean for the very aggressive foundry roadmap?
  8. K

    Intel internal foundry model and IDM 2.0

    I believe that splitting Intel into two companies, foundry and all the rest, is inevitable. If Intel Design is given freedom to choose other foundries, this is a huge blow to Intel Foundry. Unless they become separate entities, this will not work. The same goes the other way around: a delay in...
  9. K

    Knowledge War, US to Restrict EDA Exports

    Is EDA a US monopoly? Siemens who now owns Mentor is European. I dont know though the level of control, contracts, obligations etc etc. Given that EDA is a big three game, this means that a significant percentage of the pie is not controlled by US (at least directly, but given European efforts...
  10. K

    Nvidia in Talks to Use Intel as a Foundry to Manufacture Chips

    Just a couple of days ago, nVidia announced their CPU efforts for the datacenter. Intel is expected to announce the availability of their GPUs to the public any day now. So at this point there is not ONE product that nvidia has and Intel does not have a DIRECT competitive product. NOT ONE. So...
  11. K

    How America can avert the next chip shortage

    I may be saying crazy things, but I can see that we spend billions of dollars worldwide to make all aspects of computing systems more cost-efficient. Chip manufacturing stands away from there. The costs are growing exponentially year by year - even the cost per transistor. That means that for a...
  12. K

    China, Become Taiwan's best customer

    My understanding is that China *was* rapidly becoming one of Taiwan's (more specifically TSMC and the rest) customers until the US decided to cut this off. Huawei until banned was one of the largest customers of TSMC and rapidly growing and it was followed by a number of other companies.
  13. K

    Taiwan, Ultimate Risk for China and the World, Semis Front and Center in the World

    Why on earth should we be discussing in an engineering semiconductor forum things like war and world domination plans? I do not mean no insult or anything, but I am amazed that war planning is always in the back of your mind. No good thing will come out of that, but I guess this kind of...
  14. K

    TSMC's Top Customers 2019-2021

    The situation in manufacturing is very screwed at the moment. If TSMC was not practically a monopoly for the high-end nodes, the distribution of revenue in 2021 would be very worrisome. It demonstrates that TSMC is too dependent on Apple. Now since, TSMC has to accomodate all customers asking to...
  15. K

    Microsoft Is Designing Its Own Chips for Servers, Surface PCs

    If the deal nVidia + ARM finally materializes, nVidia is not to be put on notice, nVidia is the major winner.
  16. K

    China has launched Full Scale AI/Semi War

    My initial response was referring to a comment implying a fabricated virus, and this is exactly the quote that was bold in my response. I never claimed that the exact source and mechanism of transmission have been identified. On the other hand, there are conspiracy theories for just about...
  17. K

    Intel Launch Event

    I believe that it would be great to see Intel back on track, realizing its weaknesses and responding in a convincing way. That being said, let's wait for the actual systems and independent benchmarks. I am mostly curious about the GPU side of things, because it will reveal a lot for a whole...
  18. K

    China has launched Full Scale AI/Semi War

    Searching on about "origin of SARS-CoV-2" does not reveal any scientific articles that claim possible lab source. On the contrary the first result, published in highly esteemed Nature Medicine, with 1278 citations so far, is the following...
  19. K

    Huawei reported to be building a fab

    I picked up the news on EENews here: It seems to be unclear and also not verified, however there is a saying that where is smoke, there is fire. I am wondering whether all US sanctions on Huawei will trigger its...
  20. K

    Chinese Hiring TSM Senior Engineers and Managers

    Are we a technical community here or are we playing the political game? How many engineers and top architects, scientists and whoever important have you seen changing employers? Why are we not discussing about IP theft and all the rest in ALL those cases? I am not implying that IP theft may NOT...