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Search results

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    Will chip size and stacking replace shrink?

    As the ability to shrink semis comes to its physical limits, will chip size and stacking replace shrink or will new interfaces between chips become the next frontier? Is it possible, shrink might not be the best solution and that new and creative ways of applying current technologies start to...
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    AI to accelerate change in everything, guidelines and direction needed

    AIs as they accumulate knowledge and data across a large number of fields including science, finance, social, business, governance will change everything in ways no one can imagine or predict due to the broad range of its uses and ability to accelerate literally everything at the same time...
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    China invading Taiwan to Costly, Even for China TSM and its ecosystem of support companies is impossible to do economically, politically and financially. The above reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. An...
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    What companies will offer the most cost effective AI/ML service?

    With AI/ML changing everything, what companies do the readers feel will offer the most cost effective ecosystems in this area? Also will firms specialize in applying AI/ML is specific areas and fields? Also, any thoughts on entirely new and innovative ecosystems that may be built? What do...
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    AI/ML will drive Semi demand, The automation of everything

    Yes, that is panelized construction and there is also modular construction which takes the process many steps forward with much wiring, plumbing, doors, windows and everything done in a factory or temporary limited construction zone set up with specialized construction tooling. Also, full...
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    AI/ML will drive Semi demand, The automation of everything

    Phones and PCs ecosystems will not drive semi demand as only updating is now needed, it will be the automation of everything from medical, transportation. manufacturing and services. AI/ML will open more opportunities and changes to society than any trend or technology in human history. This...
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    People are in over supply, not chips

    With AI/ML and advanced automation coming to everything, it is people that are in over supply. Already our environment is stressed and degrading due to over population. At the rate tasks are automating and with AI/ML getting into areas once dominated by human labor, the world has to many...
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    Taiwan/TSM is Safe, AI/ML will compound on themselves

    Aircraft carriers are large, slow, very expensive targets. Drones and missiles controlled by advanced chips will make carriers a poor choice for modern warfare. Also sleeper torpedoes and mines that only trigger on a ships signature are changing warfare radically when they are used. The...
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    Taiwan/TSM is Safe, AI/ML will compound on themselves

    At this point in time, China is in no condition economically or militarily in any condition to invade Taiwan. A war would not only be severely damaging, but costly on a scale that makes the Ukraine war a minor conflict. World trade and economics would be severely damaged and China already has...
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    Will TSM chips dominate automation of everything?

    With AI/ML coming on fast, will this be TSM's next large market using chips for specialized automation of everything functions. Will there end up being a few universal chips for automation or many specialized chips for different functions? Will companies at the trailing edge like Vishay pick...
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    Will the Chinese Duplicate and Build Alternatives to banned Western Tech?

    After doing research on the Chinese tech sector, it looks like they are determined to build alternative technologies and copy others on their own. Does the SemiWiki community think they will have success in this area and ever be able to build their own support industry for semi fabrication...
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    AI to Revolutionize Medical Diagnostics, Staggering Savings,

    US medical consumes twenty cents of every dollar and forty percent of a doctor's time is spent on diagnostics. This is one area where AI/ML backed up by massive storage could dramatically lower costs and improve results. There is no way any human could compete in this particular area and with...
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    Will VTFET become the new chip technology?

    Any thoughts or insights on this would be appreciated. IBM and Samsung announce semiconductor design breakthrough The global semiconductor chip shortage has led to significant frustration as organizations across many industries have resorted to plan B. However, it has also prompted...
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    TSMC attacks silicon photonics! It looks like TSM will rule. It's possible this could put Samsung and Intel the followers instead of the leaders.
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    China could obtain EUV, far cheaper than war

    Industrial espionage is but one of many methods and if done correctly, can be done on the cheap. I knew some truckers who took on a super major tech company by going to the same bars their engineers did and discovered they were committing fraud against their customers and figured a way to take...
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    China could obtain EUV, far cheaper than war

    People and materials can be bought no matter how restricted. Some Russians were willing to sell a submarine with missiles as one connected drug smuggler proved to get his charges dropped. Seems that showing it could be done and how was of far, far more value than keeping some drugs off the...
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    MediaTek Beats Apple to Announcing 3nm Chips?

    What does TSM have to say? Since it isn't a secret if it's true, we should be hearing from TSM shortly.
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    Will AI become the ultimate teacher?

    AI will master many fields, professions and fields as many learn how to leverage it to their fields and professions for at least a major part of the work load. The big question is, can AI be the best teacher at all except the cutting edge? AI could provide massive leverage in teaching people...
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    Chinese Firms Are Evading Chip Controls

    Having known some interesting people, anything can be done for a price, sometimes even at a surprisingly low price. Some of this applied to one of the biggest tech companies in the nation. Finding the right leverage is the key.
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    China could obtain EUV, far cheaper than war

    For a price anything can be obtained. For a price far cheaper than war, China could obtain EUV. War is staggeringly expensive and for a fraction of this cost, about 20 to 30 billion I have no doubt China could obtain the technology and materials to build their own and this would be a small...