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    Excel. :cool:
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    Is Tech Industry creating unemployment including its own? 400,000 apply for 1300 jobs

    Which way do the numbers go? Unemployment is 3.4% with over 500K new jobs added. Someone figured out how to answer the annoying questionnaire and generate resume with an AI chatbot...
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    AMD Taking Server Market From Intel, Many Questions And
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    Intel CEO visiting Taiwan in August to discuss 3nm orders with TSMC

    Can they sit on inventory for a year, unpackaged and only wafer level tested? Assuming they have enough of the core parts to fully test the graphics core, and the wafers are known good. An ugly issue would make the inventory a write off. Risky. The financials are not great, so they would not...
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    Shanghai Ship Blockade

    Does anyone have a photo of this? From the GPS it looks like you could walk across the bay ship to ship. A photo would give more context.
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    Intel Taps Multi-Billion Dollar Fund to Retain, Attract Top Talent

    Inflation is up, salaries are up. The best way to get a big raise is a job move. The 2.7% per annum is not keeping up with inflation. It sucks for everyone. With FAANG making their own chips, ARM server startups, there is a whole lot more demand for talent, so it is not just manufacturing...
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    Starting a fab company

    Or, try this if your interested.
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    Starting a fab company

    Do you have an idea for a part or chip? You talk about building a fab, just to build a fab. What would it make? Most fab companies started 40-50 years ago, when the jump from 0->1 was not huge as it is now. If you want to start something, you need a niche with a decent margin. A tight niche or...
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    Discussion: Our chips can never achieve the true computing power of a brain by having same specs like it.

    Humans are idiots (read the news if you doubt). Something that does a particular task much better than a human in a very narrow niche is interesting, and probably more profitable. I worked on Automata at Micron. The wide parallel nature of memory for comparing states is very interesting. As a...
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    After switching to ARM, expect Apple to buy TSMC too

    My comment from his blog: Buying a fab is a bad idea. The next node costs billions, and the one after that even more. Much better to be the biggest customer, and constantly threaten to leave for Samsung, or back to Intel. Just like Walmart can abuse their suppliers, Apple will do the same...