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Search results

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    How Taiwan became the indispensable economy

    I would say from a prestige point of view today, maybe SpaceX?
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    TSMC to charge more for U.S. made chips?

    shouldn't they just get mad at the automotive industry for being so short-sighted and cancelling their orders for, say, 25 wafers? The whole way that the just-in-time manufacturing supply chain works means it is vulnerable to shortages and if key components are delayed the whole thing won't...
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    Looking for stats going back to the 60s

    Could you provide the graphics you are putting together? I'd love to see them but won't be at ASMC.
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    Intel beats earning estimate, but down

    As you mentioned, @ta152h you have positions in Intel. I'd recommend taking a step back and just analyzing why your view may be overly optimistic and what you could have gotten wrong. The fact is that people tend to justify and defend their past decisions more than they objectively evaluate...
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    China slows reviews of mergers involving US companies - WSJ What deal/pound of flesh do you think that Chinese regulators would extract out of companies like Intel to approve their mergers? Do you think these companies would be able/willing to offer...
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    Semiconductor Manufacturing in Vietnam vs Taiwan

    I talked to a friend who lives in Hanoi recently. He got dragged along to live there by his family. He told me that he (to put it nicely) does not like living there because Vietnam (even in Hanoi) is still very much a developing country. Although he notes Ho Chi Minh city is better in general...
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    Singapore offers substantial subsidies to entice TSMC to build 12-inch fab locally

    Yes costs in US are so much higher, we have so many laws in place to gimp our robots which is why the ones made in china perform better.
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    Intel Meteor Lake delayed to the end of 2023

    There is a SiFive board on Intel 4, supposedly to launch this summer using Horse Creek. Might be out earlier than MTL.
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    Intel Meteor Lake delayed to the end of 2023

    I'm getting very confused as to what he's trying to claim except that he thinks MTL will be delayed (as Intel almost always does). Although everyone has good reason to doubt that Intel can actually deliver on time, I haven't seen many murmurs of MTL basically being almost delayed to Q1 2024...
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    Intel Meteor Lake delayed to the end of 2023

    Its more like Intel 4 and 20A are the half nodes, as they are chiplet nodes without the full node PDKs. Intel 3 and 18A involve minor changes that offer some increase in performance but have the full PDK. Intel 4 and 20A introduce the new technology, but on a smaller scale. To me it seems like a...
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    Gina Raimondo unveil the exclusive nature of the CHIPS act

    so cheap on water that they're building fabs in the middle of the desert!
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    Korea seeks chip self-sufficiency

    NK is just making threats again and the US is kinda sick of it. That's my interpretation. The only reason why the US isn't saying much more is because they're dealing with Ukraine and Russia. Much bigger problems for the US, and they can just let Japan and SK hold military drills in response. To...
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    Intel earnings announcement - gloomy 2023

    QCOM has taped out 18A iirc at Intel, thats the potential customer they are talking about. IFS also has landed AWS and Mediatek, but those are gonna take a bit longer. No information is public about who is purchasing i3 at intel yet as far as I know. Yes, its a "potential" customer for 18a but...
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    Intel earnings announcement - gloomy 2023

    I saw some people saying that Pat's 'we are committed to the dividend' is nothing more than talk because he didn't say 'we will keep the dividend' and they believe that he will either end the dividend or freeze it at its current level soon. Lots of times, CEOs come out and say this and then have...
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    Gelsinger Interview this morning CNBC, Lost Credibility

    Hey Arthur, not sure if you checked the date on this interview.
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    Intel earnings announcement - gloomy 2023

    Do you know what company this is? Whats interesting is that is Intel is working on RISC-V SoCs with SiFive on Intel 4. Surprising given its not really a full node.
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    Intel cancels new Haifa development center

    Wouldn't that make its stock price crash and mean that Intel is further strapped for cash because their lenders start calling?
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    US hit 'turning point' with China: Intel CEO

    I'm surprised. Does Taiwan not have a system that means if there is a severe typhoon during work hours (or directly before them), employees essentially can get the day off? People walking and scootering around in the middle of a storm makes absolutely no sense.
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    T J Rodgers Second Act, Age and Accomplishment

    It is because everyone at that age who has a brain still does not want to lead their country (at least in the US). Sad, but understandable - at least to me.
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    Will Apple become a Medical Power

    Now everyone will have another reason to hate Apple - because they will inflate healthcare prices and join big pharma!!!!!