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Search results

  1. J

    How will AI/ML change the Semi Industry and Impact Society?

    In my opinion: AI/ML mostly being software (enabled by underlying compute silicon), and everything else looking down economically, means much of any remaining glut of VC/F100 dollars will be trying to crowd a smallish space (writing in terms of proven solutions) that have even smaller actual...
  2. J

    Can Bitcoin mining centers be used for blockchain for other purposes?

    That's pretty interesting actually, so there's still an ongoing market in new machines even now?
  3. J

    Can Bitcoin mining centers be used for blockchain for other purposes?

    You'd enjoy the book. I'd simply say that money is a medium of exchange, from seashells to Ducats to Dollars. My opinion. All the other stuff you said is extra steps and frankly mirrors the justifications FTX/Alameda Research used internally.
  4. J

    Can Bitcoin mining centers be used for blockchain for other purposes?

    Just an opinion, I'm reading "The Great Wave" by David Fischer right now, so it's a monetary take. I think that is the most useful, "highest and best" use as they say about real estate. IBM, Accenture, Microsoft, etc. with their attempts to cash in on "Blockchain for X" sputtered around and...
  5. J

    Better to for government not Invest in TSM or Intel

    A LOT of that has to do with currency distortion. Blame Nixon for starting the race to the bottom by defaulting on Bretton Woods Agreement in 1971. If you plot household dollar PPP, M1, offshoring, the US billionaire class (alongside an explosion in $10mm+ political households in the counties...
  6. J

    White House tells chip industry to brace for Russian supply disruptions

    You'd have to think Pat G. is certainly pushing this (FUD) as justification to pass the handouts. Maybe they can bring back cash for clunkers as well, I've got some old stuff to turn in. Queue an Octogenarian Senator saying "You wouldn't want to drive an old and unsafe unsecure Fiat on the...
  7. J

    Ukraine, The real first Cyber War, Semis Part?

    LOLZ this is just a ruse from boomer cold war operatives, defense contractors, and the enterprising Vikki Nuland who can't finish a coup. Russia wants to sell Natural Gas via NordStream2, no way they will jeopardize that....they are a 3rd world country smaller than either California or Texas...