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    Intel May Cancel Meteor Lake Desktop CPUs in Favor of Raptor Lake Refresh

    So many sketchy rumors and “leaks” right now (like the compute dies of MTL being made by TSMC… I just cannot imagine them dual-designing MTL compute dies for both Intel and TSMC processes), but likely there’s some moving around. I put my bet on the EUV squeeze for ramp up of Intel 4/3/20A being...
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    Biden to visit Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC's Arizona plant on Dec 6

    I wonder if Intel’s co-announced higher education investments will be able to keep up. That area of the country has some of the densest concentration of some top universities, so I would think that in the ~10 years it’s going to take to ramp this “mega site” that there would be a decent pipeline...
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    How Intel plans to rival TSMC and Samsung as a chip supplier

    A very interesting development appears to be solidifying: TSMC will expand Arizona to 4 and 3nm That 3nm is being committed for fabs in the US appears to be an obvious admission that TSMC sees its biggest customers — Apple, AMD, Nvidia...
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    TSMC MEGA Factory North Phoenix progress # 6

    Update #7 is out: This is wild how fast it's being built. Must be a very templated and well-understood factory structure by this point.
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    How Intel plans to rival TSMC and Samsung as a chip supplier

    I don’t think QCOM would be investigating leading edge products on 18A if IFS told them “you can get manufacturing supply but only after we have shipped all of our client/server/hpc products on this node”. What you describe is a terrible way to throw away billions of dollars bootstrapping a new...
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    How Intel plans to rival TSMC and Samsung as a chip supplier

    This is not right. Intel’s first two foundry nodes — Intel 3 and Intel 18A — will be their absolute bleeding edge technology for the time. And as for them using all their leading edge foundry supply for their own internal designs, that too cannot be right else IFS would not be a business…
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    Intel delays Sapphire Rapids due to low yields?

    Well it’s certainly delayed as noted on the previous Q2 call where Pat mentioned issues with numerous (unexpected) steppings needed to get certain SKUs production ready. Now, are the steppings bugs in the design, or manufacturing, or both? But, it’s now it’s official: Sapphire Rapids launches...
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    Intel Reports Q3 2022 Earnings: Back To Profitability, But Still Painful

    This seem like two very tightly integrated battlefields? At least it’s a lot less battlefields than autonomous driving, and drones, and memory, and…
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    Intel Reports Q3 2022 Earnings: Back To Profitability, But Still Painful

    I’m curious on this: we hear a ton about the incredible cost of the EUV machines, but to your point does the process simplification that EUV brings allow for improved margins overall? My basic understanding is it would mostly replace all this quad patterning needed by the DUV machines, and so...
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    Intel Reports Q3 2022 Earnings: Back To Profitability, But Still Painful

    I agree, but don't really have any direct context for, that $8-10B in cost reductions in 2024/2025 sounds *enormous*. Is that personnel and then also equipment purchasing? How else does Intel cut such a massive number? And how does it keep R&D and capital spending up to support leadership chip...
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    Intel released Q2 2022 Earnings with Net Loss and Declined Revenue

    This is… wow. External factors combine with the execution chickens coming home to roost? SPR delayed, Alchemist massively delayed and rolling out incredibly slowly, Intel 4 targeting a launch on a client product which is the main market in free fall… What a horrible confluence of factors...
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    Intel CEO discusses global shortage of computer chips & expanding U.S. production (Full Stream 7/12)

    That was used as an argument to really speed up talks on the subsidies initially, but… The chip shortage was never the main argument. It was the geo-political strategic argument around the loss of US leadership in semi manufacturing that was always at the forefront. Do those two arguments...
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    With Shrink Ending, What's Next?

    It appears that DTCO will grow in importance. Things like Backside Power Delivery will allow for scaling of cell sizes even if traditional scaling like lithography improvements are slowing down.
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    Has Intel Stumbled Again?

    Really interesting, and I wonder: will the ability to use lagging nodes on the tiles that don't need it (SoC) allow that lower cost to offset the new packaging complexity/cost? And not to mention the cost of the TSMC N3-based GPU tile. Similar to how AMD has been able to use GF for their SoC /...
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    Intel Opens D1X-Mod3 Fab Expansion; Moves Up Intel 18A Manufacturing to H2’2024

    Probably because this was already announced at the analyst day. From AnandTech:
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    Intel Opens D1X-Mod3 Fab Expansion; Moves Up Intel 18A Manufacturing to H2’2024

    Happy this thread was made, and particularly that EUV is called out, because I wanted to ask about this Ian Cuttress video particularly at 1:50 where we starts to talk about EUV machine count. It seems there’s at least 6 right in view, and he says another <redacted> amount (let’s assume 6) on...
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    What the Chips Act doesn’t say: The environmental challenge of producing semiconductors

    It refers to Hydrofluorocarbon, and I doubt it's trying to "link food manias with semiconductor chips". That being said, they are in fact a very bad form of emissions (as noted in the link).
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    An Interview with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

    Has he ever publicly stated an intent to structure IFS to spin it out in the future? On integrating Tower into IFS, or integrating IFS into Tower:
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    Charlie Chan on TSMC

    Or perhaps that this analyst doesn't consider Samsung 3nm GAA to be "3nm-class"? I've read a lot on people not thinking Samsung's marketing names match reality (compared to TSMC/Intel). Or perhaps they don't think HVM will be very "high"?
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    Samsung wafer foundry aims to overtake TSMC by 2030

    Hah, this is a bad, lazy article. It conflates High NA tool delivery with the usage of any EUV at all. I mean it’s 9to5Mac, they’re a click house.