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Search results

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    Would TSM Remain Functional if China Seizes It?

    Does the PRC want Taiwan without a functional TSMC? The above answers say there can't be a war AND a functional TSMC, so I think that says there should not be a war. Is Xi crazy? I don't think so. So a standoff is very likely. There are very entrenched positions and currently no place to...
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    TSMC MEGA Factory North Phoenix progress # 6

    I'd expect that TSMC has done the math and concluded the supply of people in the Phoenix area is worth the relatively minor extra cost of cooling. I am not going to do the math, but if the cooling cost was 2% of the depreciation cost, I'd be really surprised. I'd worry more about the power...
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    Why are there new 200mm fabs?

    Seems simple enough. If you need more capacity on a process running on 200mm, then the easiest way to get there is to keep using 200mm so that you don't have to invent anything. Just keep using the same recipes and same equipment.
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    210 Billion Lost, Semis Massive Leverage, TSM a Trillion-dollar Market Cap?

    Anybody checking on what's missing at the automakers? I am guessing that the shortage is various modules made for the automakers by small and medium size suppliers. It's likely that these suppliers were whipsawed badly when the car guys cut there forecasts. Anybody notice that there doesn't...
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    5nm wafer cost very high

    Aren’t die size and die yield part of this equation?
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    Reliability at the System Level

    I'm proposing some new thinking at the system level. Think about some of the little issues in an iOT home system. Something causes a signal to the home thermostat pushing it up to 90 F. You are out of town for two weeks and return to find dead plants and a huge utility bill. Similar thoughts...