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Search results

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    Child care a requirement for chip makers seeking billions in incentives

    Yet another hair brained policy from sinking DC rats who have been printing money into their own pockets for 15 years now. A thing that every other developed country subsidizes for their citizens should be responsibility of HR departments, amazing. America is ideologically incapable of...
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    Japan to set up new semiconductor outfit with IBM's help

    Not a Ponzi scheme per se, but in the sense that it's a paper operation and not a real productive manufacturing firm.
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    Japan to set up new semiconductor outfit with IBM's help

    IBM is a semiconductor company in the same way Bernie Madoff was a money manager.
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    U.S. picks team to oversee $52.7 billion in semiconductor funding

    I've been saying for a while now that what US semiconductors need is a Dick Cheney to stuff no bid contracts into the pockets of Intel shareholders.
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    China Has Painted Itself Into a Semiconductor Corner

    Thanks for proving my point by responding to a list of historical observations about America's white supremacist and anticommunist foundations with a McCarthyist insinuation. If you can explain the paranoia I'm all ears, but I'm pretty sure the only reason US started teaching calculus in high...
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    China Has Painted Itself Into a Semiconductor Corner

    America has always been driven by existential paranoia over some nefarious "other". Before the civil war it was Native Americans and African American slaves, and basically anyone not a WASP. Then up to WWII it was freedmen and the "yellow peril", the days when the Ku Klux Klan had legitimate...
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    Will AMD, Nvidia, or Intel use RISC-V in the future?

    Then there's no future for Linux? That would be a bold take. I think when a technology matures quantity becomes the quality - operating systems, semiconductors, and otherwise. This is how China broke the US/German monopoly on PV cells, to the benefit of anyone who cares about green energy...
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    Intel will bring in other capital holders to help with fab expansion

    I think Intel did a case study on IBM and decided "yeah we can burn out brighter and faster than those bozos". But hey good on Brookfield for getting the opportunity to bleed this pig dry, I'm sure there will be several accounting jobs created to launder CHIPS money into offshore bank accounts...
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    Knowledge War, US to Restrict EDA Exports

    Standard Oil was a monopoly, the "seven sisters" after the breakup was a cartel. IMO EDA is a cartel. And German conglomerates might as well be a subsidiary of USA at this point, given that they're willing to freeze themselves so American small arms can continue flowing into Ukraine.
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    Intel Elects Lip-Bu Tan to Its Board of Directors

    But he has a track record of engineering success unlike the majority of Intel's board, so I don't see how it works.
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    1 man semi companirs, do they still exist today?

    I think eFabless was a 1 man show for a while? Bob Widlar designed analog circuits for Fairchild and National that are still everywhere today; he cashed out and did some consulting from Mexico. Richard Modaferri designed legendary tuners for McIntosh and now just does his own thing, filing...
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    The US is ready to block China’s access to advanced chip design software

    Funny how America's EDA cartel comes in handy on a geopolitical scale.. probably the most underrated lever in the "chip war". Even if the gov't spends CHIPS money efficiently to onshore manufacturing, they won't impact the semiconductor landscape for years. I've used several Chinese variants and...
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    T J Rodgers says Chip Act wil do more damage than good, CNBC now

    Roll tanks to seize GF from Mubadala, give it back to AMD.
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    Let’s rebuild the US microchip industry – not give it a $50bn-plus check

    Warning, the last time I made a claim about market structures in this forum it was to call the EDA industry a cartel, and folks jumped down my throat saying "it's not a cartel it's an oligopoly and that's fine".. a bit like saying "there's no fire but it's so smoky I can't see any startups". My...
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    Let’s rebuild the US microchip industry – not give it a $50bn-plus check

    NY politicians were happy to help IBM managers poison the well with political and financial opportunism when they lured the 300mm fab away from their base of expertise in VT. And all I hear from the boomers who facilitated it is "but VT didn't/doesn't have the infrastructure" to which I say...
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    Samsung, TSM and Intel the odd man out

    It's the best kept secret of Intel's famous pivot to processors from memory, IBM took half of Intel's stock in return for teaching them to design and verify logic chips. Of course the absolute geniuses at IBM held on to the stock for a few years, did not see how CMOS or personal computers could...
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    Samsung, TSM and Intel the odd man out

    History doesn't repeat itself although it sure rhymes, but this time around I'd eat a dirty shoe if IBM is able to bail Intel out with technological expertise like they did in the 80s. The only way to turn around that kind of institutional inertia is with a Stalinist purge of middle/upper...
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    US pushes Netherlands to ban Dutch tech supplier ASML from selling older semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China

    What's really crazy is how every administration since Carter makes the Nixon-Kissinger realists seem totally reasonable and even competent. Trump waged a moronic trade war and definitely screwed Iran, but at least he staffed the state dept with dumb Iran Contra neocons so that those coup...
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    CHIPS act is dead - just look at our actual priorities

    Don't forget that since the 80s our universities operate more like hedge funds or real estate investment firms. This means that the wealthiest families across the globe, happy to pay absurd premiums to get their kids into even the most mediocre of schools, have huge priority over US kids stuck...
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    John Doerr, AI to replace shrink

    It's exciting, but we can solve way more of our problems by treating people better and fostering human intelligence and curiosity across the sprectrum. I'm a fan of Judea Pearl, he did Bayesian networks in the 80s when everyone was talking about AI just as much if not more than they are now...