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Search results

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    TSMC Earnings solid, HPC leads growth

    TSMC posted solid earnings, but what caught my attention was the eye popping 23% growth in HPC. This will be a bigger market for TSMC than mobile in a few years.
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    Intel auctioning off 5G patents

    Weren't they originally planning to sell this business to Apple? Presumably the sale would include the IP. Maybe they didn't like the price?
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    Intel exiting 3D XPoint?

    3D Xpoint was launched to great hype, but never met expectations. Now it looks like Intel is getting out. Thoughts?
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    Broadcom Explores Deal to Buy Chipmaker Qualcomm!

    Chipmaker Broadcom exploring deal for Qualcomm: Bloomberg | Reuters First of all, this makes a ton of sense for Broadcom, it would be great for shareholders of both companies. However, I would think there would be serious anti trust concerns here. The companies compete heavily in a number of...
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    Qualcomm escalates legal battle with Apple

    Qualcomm is not suing Apple, claiming infringement on 6 patents. Patents are not part of essential patents, but cover more advanced features. Subscribe to read Personally I think Apple crossed the line in trying to bully QCOM into opening up it's IP licensing deal with them, regardless how...
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    Cryptomining boom driving massive GPU demand

    Not sure how many of you have an interest in cryptocurrencies, but if you haven't been paying attention there is a gold rush on right now that's generating a windfall for GPU makers. Specifically, alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ether and ZCash, are extremely profitable to GPU mine at the...
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    The PC, not the server, will be the next ARM vs x86 battleground

    2017 will be the year that ARM makes a comeback in chromebooks (a direct result of Intel's from mobile retreat), Windows 10 appears on ARM, and Apple includes an ARM coprocessor in Macbooks. I find ARM chromebooks especially interesting as Chromebooks have now surpassed Macbooks in terms of...
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    Apple's China Problem

    Apple reported better than expected iPhone sales, but units were still down 15%. This drop was driven primarily by weakness in China, where sales were down 33%. But the Chinese smartphone market isn’t shrinking, instead cheaper competitors like OPPO and Vivo have started offering competitive...
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    What does Intel's mobile retreat mean for Android x86 support?

    This is a question that's been on my mind. My understanding is that Intel spends a fair bit of money on x86 support for Android. While Intel exiting mobile will this support continue? If so, will Android drop x86?