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Search results

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    China Hits Pause on Giant Chip Spending Aimed at Rivaling US

    Please read the RCA story about how Taiwan started its semiconductor efforts. There was nothing to do with the dictatorship, really not a good case to make such inference.
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    China Must Seize TSMC

    Putin invades Ukraine by claiming they share the same Russian origins and cultures, Xi Jing-Ping tells a similar story, but which is wrong in fact. There are several waves of immigrants in Taiwan in the history at least more than 6,000 years, and Taiwan is also a major body of the sources of...
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    China Must Seize TSMC

    Same rhetoric as the PRC and Russia. How rediculous?
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    An Interview with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

    Yes, sounds reasonable, but it's not the single viable solution. From software perspective, X86 is a platform, if Intel loss the market share to AMD, or to ARM ecosystem, then Intel would fail. From semi perspective, if Intel were able to catch up the process technology, but what about cost? If...
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    Biden should invest in TSM, not Intel

    Making judgements by ideology, not fact, is dangerous. It took less than 40 years to build up the hi-tech, semi, machinery, etc industries, and also the democratic system, in Taiwan. How come it had not been happened in China in the same period? Just like USA, Taiwan is an independent country...
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    Biden should invest in TSM, not Intel

    This is definitely not true, you may have misconceptions on how democratic system running in Taiwan.
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    Taiwan chipmakers hint at decoupling from the US

    Sounds like a fabricated news from HK, never heard anything like that in Taiwan. Please be sure to check the the sources.
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    What would you do if you are the CEO of Intel?

    Wondering why Intel not to positioning itself as an IP provider with a roadmap of future hybrid computing platforms. I think it is where Intel and USA's strength. If I were Intel CEO, I should buy Arm and owns dual CISC/RISC and PC/Mobile platforms.