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Search results

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    New SEMI standard addressing needs at 7nm and beyond

    Objectives of our new SEMI standard working group: 1. Determine best practice with the present tools: Our members at GlobalFoundries, Micron Technology, IMEC, NIST, Rudolph Technologies, and others, will establish a practice standard within six months because now there are no standards for...
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    New SEMI standard addressing needs at 7nm and beyond

    Last week, at SEMICON-West, a new SEMI standard working group was formed to address the needs for improved metrology at and below the 7-nm technology node. We recognize that there are many needs at these nodes but hypothesize that the one which is most easily addressed is improved metrology to...
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    Request for list of methods of carrier profiling to establish a new SEMI standard

    A new SEMI standard is being created to define how to measure the carrier density in semiconductors at the new technology nodes (especially 7-nm and lower). We are aware of Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) and Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM) which are frequently used but we...
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    Urgent request for volunteers or nominations to a new SEMI standards committee

    Two weeks ago, at a meeting of the SEMI International Standards Committee, I was asked to form a committee to define a standard for the carrier profiling of semiconductor devices at and below the 7-nm node. The international and national roadmaps do not specify the methods,or limits for the...
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    Mechanism for sub-nm resolution carrier profiling by SFCM--Suggested below 32-nm node

    How does Scanning Frequency Comb Microscopy (SFCM) measure the sample-resistivity for carrier profiling? We have previously mentioned this new method for carrier profiling, but would like to clarify its mechanism. For further information, including a patent applications published by the...
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    New Linkedin group set up for discussion of new method for sub-nm carrier profiling

    Dietrich von Diemar set up a new group on LinkedIn "Scanning Frequency Comb Spectroscopy and Microscopy" for discussion of the new method which I have alluded to previously here in the Open Forum on I invite those who are interested in the need for true sub-nm carrier profiling...
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    Are chips at the 7-nm and lower nodes required for 5G or the new i phones?

    I am familiar with some of the technology in manufacturing at the 7-nm technology node, but I would appreciate your comments regarding the suggested necessity for some applications. I have seen instruction "books" describing how to use everything in the new Apple i phones, but please tell me if...
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    Free download: LabVIEW VI for sub-nm carrier profiling of semiconductors

    One year ago, we posted a VI simulating the full operation of an STM ( Then we implemented this software to complete and optimize a working STM. Now we posted a second VI simulating the full operation of a new instrument for Scanning Frequency Comb Microscopy (SFCM) and...
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    New paper on semiconductor metrology with sub-nm resolution

    Please go to "" or the website "" to see "Scanning frequency comb microscopy--A new method in scanning probe microscopy", AIP Advances, volume 8, issue 12, Paper 125203 (December 2018). This is the first publication following our...
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    Need MoS2 with different dopant levels?or other semiconductor suitable for STM in air

    I must make Scanning tunneling microscopy measurements in air with a semiconductor having different dopant levels. MoS2 is easy to work with using the "scotch-tape cleavage procedure" as you would with HOPG for scanning tunneling microscopy in air. Also, do you know of a supplier for any other...
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    Recent paper on alternatives to the 7-nm node, and possibility of a simpler means.

    A recent paper described new methods for obtaining greater performance without going to the challenging 7-nm node [1]. However, improved metrology at the 7-nm and finer nodes may be a quicker and more efficient approach. Carrier profiling is required to test the nano-scale operation of a device...
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    Need standards and better apparatus for dopant and carrier profiling at 7-nm node

    STANDARDS: The 1997 NTRS roadmap did not mention carrier profiling but suggested that the resolution for dopant profiling be 1.4 % of the node dimension. Now, at the 7-nm node, 1.4% = 0.1 nm. Subsequent national and international roadmaps do not refer to the resolution in either carrier or...
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    New method in Scanning Probe Microscopy--higher stability and finer resolution

    Finer resolution with greater stability is possible using unique low-power (aW), low-noise (20 dB S/N), microwave harmonics generated within a nanoscale tip-sample junction for feedback control in place of the DC tunneling current. Please see the attached poster to be presented at the Microscopy...
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    Post-Deadline poster,Microscopy&Microanalysis,Aug.5-9, Baltimore,MD-Carrier Profiling

    Post-Deadline poster,Microscopy&Microanalysis,Aug.5-9, Baltimore,MD-Carrier Profiling "Scanning Frequency Comb Microscopy--A new method of Scanning Probe Microscopy", a post-deadline poster at M&M-2018: Microscopy & Microanalysis, a conference Aug. 5-9, 2018, Baltimore, MD. My group is...
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    Who will win the 10,000,000 USPTO "lottery"?

    Our last patent, issued on March 27th was US 9,927,461 and I just received a letter of allowance for another patent so I have a chance. The USPTO expects to issue the 10 millionth utility patent this summer. USPTO: "This milestone of human ingenuity perhaps exceeds even the Founding Fathers'...
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    Who can measure the resistivity or carrier density of small samples of GaN?

    I am working with small samples of intrinsic gallium nitride, each 10 x 10 x 0.35 mm in size. Non-contact methods are required with GaN such as microwave absorption and Hall effect (e.g. COREMA}. We obtained inconsistent results with microwave absorption because the coil was larger than the...
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    Critical need for higher resolution in carrier profiling at finer lithography nodes.

    In June (2017) IBM introduced the 5-nm lithography node. Roadmaps for the semiconductor industry have requested that carrier profiling and dopant profiling each have a resolution finer than 10% of the dimension at each node. Atom Probe Tomography provides dopant profiling with atomic resolution...
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    I am funded by NSF to make a prototype for a new method of carrier profiling.

    I believe that there is a critical need for improved carrier profiling as we progress from 10 nm to 7 nm lithography and beyond. Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) is presently the method of choice at these nodes. However, the carriers cannot reach equilibrium with a semiconductor...
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    What are the greatest needs of the industry for carrier and dopant profiling?

    As the semiconductor industry progresses from 10 nm to 7 nm lithography and beyond, with FinFET and other technologies, what do you believe are the greatest needs for carrier and dopant profiling? Because of a project that I am currently working on I have been asked by the National Science...
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    Challenges in high-energy-density batteries

    The present quest for batteries with higher energy densities to provide greater range in electric cars and increased performance in electronic devices should be be made with great care. To date I believe that the highest specific energy (SE) for available lithium-based materials is 2.0 MJ/kg...