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Search results

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    Is Intel 10nm really denser than TSMC 7nm?

    I think TSMC's caution will pay off. GAA is a significant change and there is no need to rush. Samsung may be denser, but there will likely be yield, cost, design complexity, and transistor performance tradeoffs to that density. Samsung was denser at 14nm too. Taking a big risk for a small...
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    Intel to Focus on Truth and Transparency!

    Intel's earnings, while not great, were better than expected and guidance was ok. And it was refreshing to see a lack of spin around the Apple sale. So far there hasn't been much impact from AMD's resurgence, but I think that will likely start to materialize later this year.
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    TSMC Earnings solid, HPC leads growth

    Other key notes from the transcript are: -N5 is in risk production and volume production first half of next year. So TSMC will be shipping 5nm in volume while Intel will still be in limited 10nm production. -Utilization on 7nm is improving, which will help margins in the second half. -They...
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    TSMC Earnings solid, HPC leads growth

    TSMC posted solid earnings, but what caught my attention was the eye popping 23% growth in HPC. This will be a bigger market for TSMC than mobile in a few years.
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    Intel auctioning off 5G patents

    Weren't they originally planning to sell this business to Apple? Presumably the sale would include the IP. Maybe they didn't like the price?
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    U.S. Companies Dominate Worldwide IC Marketshare

    Intel on the decline + increasing competition in fabless makes me think no they will lose share in IDM and fabless. However, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook all rolling their own will make up for much of that decline.
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    Is Intel 10nm really denser than TSMC 7nm?

    I believe Ryzen 4000 chips taped out on TSMC 7nm+ early this year, and will be in production in 2020 based on what I've seen in AMD slides. I agree that TSMC 6nm looks like a better bet for companies going forward. What node it's on is ultimately moot though, what's important is that Intel is...
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    Is Intel 10nm really denser than TSMC 7nm?

    Wasn't Zen 3 planned to be 7nm+? If so, wouldn't it be the most direct competition to Intel since they will be targeting the same sockets?
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    Is Intel 10nm really denser than TSMC 7nm?

    I also think the Intel 10nm vs TSMC 7nm comparison is moot now that TSMC is on 7nm+ which is 20% denser than n7. Ryzen 4000 will be on 7nm+, so that will be Intel's direct competition by the time 10nm actually ramps. I don't think Intel will ever reclaim the process lead now that it has been...
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    Intel exiting 3D XPoint?

    3D Xpoint was launched to great hype, but never met expectations. Now it looks like Intel is getting out. Thoughts?
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    Broadcom Explores Deal to Buy Chipmaker Qualcomm!

    Chipmaker Broadcom exploring deal for Qualcomm: Bloomberg | Reuters First of all, this makes a ton of sense for Broadcom, it would be great for shareholders of both companies. However, I would think there would be serious anti trust concerns here. The companies compete heavily in a number of...
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    Qualcomm escalates legal battle with Apple

    Qualcomm is not suing Apple, claiming infringement on 6 patents. Patents are not part of essential patents, but cover more advanced features. Subscribe to read Personally I think Apple crossed the line in trying to bully QCOM into opening up it's IP licensing deal with them, regardless how...
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    Cryptomining boom driving massive GPU demand

    Not sure how many of you have an interest in cryptocurrencies, but if you haven't been paying attention there is a gold rush on right now that's generating a windfall for GPU makers. Specifically, alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ether and ZCash, are extremely profitable to GPU mine at the...
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    The PC, not the server, will be the next ARM vs x86 battleground

    2017 will be the year that ARM makes a comeback in chromebooks (a direct result of Intel's from mobile retreat), Windows 10 appears on ARM, and Apple includes an ARM coprocessor in Macbooks. I find ARM chromebooks especially interesting as Chromebooks have now surpassed Macbooks in terms of...
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    Apple's China Problem

    Apple reported better than expected iPhone sales, but units were still down 15%. This drop was driven primarily by weakness in China, where sales were down 33%. But the Chinese smartphone market isn’t shrinking, instead cheaper competitors like OPPO and Vivo have started offering competitive...
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    What does Intel's mobile retreat mean for Android x86 support?

    This is a question that's been on my mind. My understanding is that Intel spends a fair bit of money on x86 support for Android. While Intel exiting mobile will this support continue? If so, will Android drop x86?