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    Only iPhone 14 Pro Models to Get 'A16' Chip, Standard Models to Retain A15 - rumour reported by Ming-Chi Kuo

    "Never done this before" is a strong claim! On the one hand we have the iPad line where versions of this have been standard for a while. On the other hand we have the iPhone 5C which was released in parallel with the iPhone 5S yet had an A6 (iPhone 5S had A7). So in a way it's a more an issue...
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    Survey paper on Deep Learning on CPUs

    Still at it with the review papers, Sparsh! Keep up the good work! I've enjoyed reading all of them :)
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    New Apple iPhones (meh)

    "There are just no applications for power like the A13 leverages, in the current technology packages Apple offers. " Clearly you have made no effort to experiment with Apple AR ... It's obviously "experimental" right now, amazing tech in a suboptimal platform; but just as obviously Apple has...
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    New Apple iPhones (meh)

    Just FYI there are - some overclocked golden Intel cores with crazy cooling and GB5 numbers of around 1600. Clearly these are for lunatics and don't reflect normal human usage! I find them utterly uninteresting. - there is (of course) a range of iMac i9-9900K scores. The highest of these...
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    New Apple iPhones (meh)

    So Apple releases a phone core that is same speed as their fastest Intel product (i9-9900K in the newest iMac) and your reaction is "meh"? Tough crowd! And somewhat blind to how the world is changing and where it is headed...
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    TSMC Earnings solid, HPC leads growth

    The schedule I suggested matches the 7nm schedule. TSMC 7nm started risk production April 2017, and HVM April 2018. TSMC announced 5nm risk production April 2019. It's really just a question of how many chips you need to stockpile given the expected volume of sales right at the point of...
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    TSMC Earnings solid, HPC leads growth

    Apple’s iPad schedule has always been all over the place, BUT they could repeat something they’ve done before and fab the A13X on 5nm, releasing new iPads in April 2020 or so... IF 2020 is the year of the ever-mythical ARM Mac, that schedule might make even more sense, allowing the A13X on 5nm...
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    Intel auctioning off 5G patents

    p It makes much more sense for Apple to buy the patents and hire the people, not buy the business. the problem is that, by all accounts the business is negative value, horribly dysfunctional. When you buy a business, you buy its existing organization and ways of doing things — bad if that’s...
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    Is Intel 10nm really denser than TSMC 7nm?

    Apple A13 will be on 7+, no? That's a pretty big win for an "orphan"! More generally I think terms like "short-lived node" and "orphan", with their pejorative connotations, are rarely helpful. It's the nature of this space that no process stays leading-edge forever... More useful is to discuss...
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    Apple apparently uses a custom GPU

    Readers may find this deep dive into Apple's GPU interesting: A Look Inside Apple’s Custom GPU for the iPhone "Previously, Apple’s iPhones and iPads used PowerVR GPUs from Imagination Technologies for graphics. Based on our analysis, Apple has created a custom GPU that powers the A8, A9, and 10...