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    Intel internal foundry model and IDM 2.0

    I agree. It leaves both options open until the data is gathered to make a final decision (or keep running both models). But does not imply that Intel splits yet. It is notable that he's ordered Intel to be pin compatible with the industry and not expected the industry to change one iota to...
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    An interesting report:Analysis of electronics inside Russian weapons recovered from Ukraine battleground

    Very interesting. In fact there do appear to be some Russian (at least Cyrillic labelling on the packages) devices there. Those TI DSPs are over 30 years old (the design, not sure about the devices). 35 years ago, US and UK defence kit used the absolute leading edge chips. Not clear that's all...
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    Chip bans on countries like China will hurt the U.S. more than they'll help. They won't even Work

    Honestly, I have no idea what the chances are. It's far more likely if some internal economic crisis in China forces change. But, as with Russia invading Ukraine, there are sometimes things far more important than sort term profit and loss. I haven't read your Alibaba article, but it seems...
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    Chip bans on countries like China will hurt the U.S. more than they'll help. They won't even Work

    Original article "might not even work" - your version "won't even work". Why ? Of course the headline clearly states that the measures will hurt China. So I guess that's "working". Certainly making a differene. We ought to start from a definition of what "working" means before rushing out with...
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    U.S. picks team to oversee $52.7 billion in semiconductor funding

    Re "For these products the chip is a relatively insignificant part of the BOM or the margins are already huge, and I think manufacturers would be wiling to pay extra for extra resilience." I suggest the last 2 years tells us the reverse - the auto makers got into huge trouble because they would...
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    Automation of Everything to Disrupt World Order

    I hadn't really given much thought to the implications for education yet. But it does seem to me that it is now quite possible to learn pretty much anything on line for very little outlay these days. These limitations - likely a few more - remain: 1) you can't easily do lab work and gains...
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    One of Our Greatest Freedoms, The Freedom to Fail, Tech Enhances Progress

    I agree on the broader point that having a culture that embraces learning though failure is essential for technical innovation and growth and this might be the biggest single reason why the US has such a dominant position in technology. Certainly, early in my career I really struggled with...
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    The UK’s semiconductor industry is dying

    Daniel, I'm not at all convinced by this narrative (note: I've spent 35 years in microelectronics - mainly in the the UK). 1. When was the UK really a leader in this sector ? There have been some notable innovations - Ferranti invented the gate array, the transputer was mentioned, ARM and...
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    The UK’s semiconductor industry is dying

    Did you leave out the second story ?
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    Knowledge War, US to Restrict EDA Exports

    I think we will find that at least 80% of the current economic issues in the West were due to Covid policies and less than 20% due to Russia/Ukraine. It will all become much clearer in 5-10 years ("life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forewards" [Kierkegaard]). It is too...
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    AMD Taking Server Market From Intel, Many Questions

    Agree with the general sentiment on doing too much. But are they actually going the other way and doubling down on vertical integration (with increased foundry) ? Though arguably with more outsourcing to TSMC there is some movement the other way. If we think of this as a supply chain, Intel...
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    Intel Elects Lip-Bu Tan to Its Board of Directors

    By definition, Intel IFS will have to support the tools used by their customers - i.e. Synopsys and Cadence based design flows, plus some other suppliers. This looks like a good move by Intel. Lip-Bu did a fantastic job turning round Cadence and seems to have been a success pretty much...
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    AMD Taking Server Market From Intel, Many Questions

    I think it's likely still too early to pass meaningful judgement on what effect Pat Gelsinger has had - and will have - on design and project execution. Clear these have not yet improved - though not yet clear why not. I don't know enough about his history at Intel to know how much of his time...
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    Taiwan Chip Industry Emerges as Battlefront in USA - China Showdown

    Strangling Russia slowly worked during the Cold War. And was arguably the only way to go. I would suggest that the current brain drain of skilled people out of Russia is something which will have a huge impact, but take time to work through. There are far too many people attempting to take the...
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    Corruption, Ineptitude, China's Chip Failure

    Of course this is possible - and indeed happens to a varying extent everywhere (Boeing arguably did this when competing against Airbus who did much the same, but though different 'workarounds'). State subsidies are officially illegal in the EU - but the French still seem to find ways round this...
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    Corruption, Ineptitude, China's Chip Failure

    I'm not expert in most of these, but I'm far from certain that China has technological leadership in all of these (and I assume technological leadership is really what we're talking about here - highest volume manufacturing is important, but a separate domain). What I want to know is places...
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    Corruption, Ineptitude, China's Chip Failure

    Can you run a quick list by me of all these industries where China is genuinely world leading ?
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    The military application of commercial chips

    A lot of the mil spec stuff (from distant memory a very long time ago) is about handling extreme temperature ranges, wider supply voltages, hermetic sealing from humidity and generally reliability and being able to work for a long period. You're probably paying for stuff like extra burn-in for...
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    A little OT - How do your organizations address requirement bloat?

    I have recently been re-reading the classic "Parkinson's Law" ("work expands to fill the time available for its completion" - also the related "expenditure rises to meet income"). Whilst these have nothing specific to do with the IC industry, they do apply to most organisations - and the larger...
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    Taiwan Chip Industry Emerges as Battlefront in USA - China Showdown

    For me, the most concerning thing is the sheer volume of bad news coming out of China about all its bad investments and the bad debts that will result (massive fraud on attempts to launch a domestic IC industry, ludicrous housing and local government funding business model which is inevitably...