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Search results

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    VMWare charged with fraud This happened while Pat Gelsinger was in charge. He fits in really well with the Intel culture.
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    Tesla model Y using AMD Ryzen Apparently a switch from Intel chips being used previously. Probably not a huge needle mover at this point but significant none the less.
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    Pat Gelsinger fought the cloud before he embraced it

    Back in the early 2010s, when AWS was first starting to go mainstream, Pat Gelsinger and VMWare saw it as a threat. But overtime he Pat realized the cloud was inevitable and pivoted the business to providing key enabling services for cloud computing. My opinion is that Pat has the wrong...
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    AMD in a major deal with Meta (Facebook)

    Big news for AMD today! I'm a happy AMD shareholder. Once the deal with Xilinx closes, the combined company will be larger than Intel by market cap. All these chips will of...
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    Intel pays VIA $125m to acquire its x86 design talent

    See article: I think this is a good move on the part of Intel. Intel needs to turn around it's talent situation before it has any hope of turning around the rest of the company, and buying a top team is one way to do that.
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    Google to design own chips While initially these chips will be designed for Pixel phones and Chromebooks, lets make no mistake about Google's long term plans here. They are aiming for the data center and at Intel.
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    Intel to manufacture auto chips? Does this seem realistic to anyone here? It's not so easy to port a design over and start pumping out chips on a totally different process in 6-9...
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    Intel to try to become a foundry again? I'm skeptical to say the least. While I'm sure Intel will be able to land a few smaller contracts like it did the first time, I don't think they have the scale or credibility to make this...
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    A crazy semiconductor merger possibility

    Hock Tan should buy Intel. Intel perfectly fits the profile of the type of company that Broadcom targets. Mature product, strong franchise, high margins, lots of fat to cut, relatively cheap valuation. Sure Intel has a larger market cap than Broadcom right now... but just barely and not for...
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    TSMC Earnings solid, HPC leads growth

    TSMC posted solid earnings, but what caught my attention was the eye popping 23% growth in HPC. This will be a bigger market for TSMC than mobile in a few years.
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    Intel auctioning off 5G patents

    Weren't they originally planning to sell this business to Apple? Presumably the sale would include the IP. Maybe they didn't like the price?
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    Intel exiting 3D XPoint?

    3D Xpoint was launched to great hype, but never met expectations. Now it looks like Intel is getting out. Thoughts?
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    Broadcom Explores Deal to Buy Chipmaker Qualcomm!

    Chipmaker Broadcom exploring deal for Qualcomm: Bloomberg | Reuters First of all, this makes a ton of sense for Broadcom, it would be great for shareholders of both companies. However, I would think there would be serious anti trust concerns here. The companies compete heavily in a number of...
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    Qualcomm escalates legal battle with Apple

    Qualcomm is not suing Apple, claiming infringement on 6 patents. Patents are not part of essential patents, but cover more advanced features. Subscribe to read Personally I think Apple crossed the line in trying to bully QCOM into opening up it's IP licensing deal with them, regardless how...
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    Cryptomining boom driving massive GPU demand

    Not sure how many of you have an interest in cryptocurrencies, but if you haven't been paying attention there is a gold rush on right now that's generating a windfall for GPU makers. Specifically, alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ether and ZCash, are extremely profitable to GPU mine at the...
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    The PC, not the server, will be the next ARM vs x86 battleground

    2017 will be the year that ARM makes a comeback in chromebooks (a direct result of Intel's from mobile retreat), Windows 10 appears on ARM, and Apple includes an ARM coprocessor in Macbooks. I find ARM chromebooks especially interesting as Chromebooks have now surpassed Macbooks in terms of...
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    Apple's China Problem

    Apple reported better than expected iPhone sales, but units were still down 15%. This drop was driven primarily by weakness in China, where sales were down 33%. But the Chinese smartphone market isn’t shrinking, instead cheaper competitors like OPPO and Vivo have started offering competitive...
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    What does Intel's mobile retreat mean for Android x86 support?

    This is a question that's been on my mind. My understanding is that Intel spends a fair bit of money on x86 support for Android. While Intel exiting mobile will this support continue? If so, will Android drop x86?