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Search results

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    About electromagnetic waves

    I know that electromagnetic waves are generated by the change of the magnetic field around the fluctuating current, and the induced current generated by the fluctuating magnetic field when receiving. This is the basic principle of electromagnetic wave communication. How to answer the following...
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    Use of oscilloscope

    If after turning on the oscilloscope, I only see one or two moving points but no scan line. What is the reason? How should it be adjusted? What if you see one or two fixed points? what is the reason? How to adjust?
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    How to use filters and isolation transformers?

    A 60A filter is connected to the 20A circuit breaker, and the filter output is connected to two 3500VA isolation transformers. The two isolation transformers supply power to the two devices respectively. The working current of the two devices is about 5A together. Occasionally, the measured...
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    How many resistors are needed?

    多少电阻不连接的3.3V需要PC817的输入电压驱动它没有燃烧的430 MCU?
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    The difference between LM331 and KA331?

    Help: The difference between LM331 and KA331, mainly for debugging I am a junior scholar, and made a digital thermometer according to the picture. The V/F circuit inside is LM331 Since LM331 was not found, KA331 was used instead, It looks exactly the same from the PDF data, but it can’t be...