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    The Real Reason Behind the Automotive Industry IC Shortage — A Step-Function Surge in Demand!

    The automotive industry is used to being able to squeeze suppliers, and are now finding out there are limits to how hard they can squeeze. The semi industry now has much more supplier power and the auto OEMs are highly fragmented.
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    TSMC October 2022 Revenue Report

    The overall semi market is not growing nearly as fast as TSMC revenue. They must be taking some pretty big foundry share. I'm guessing a lot of this is Intel moving some of it's production to TSMC.
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    TSMC October 2022 Revenue Report

    You wouldn't think there was a semiconductor slowdown looking at these numbers.
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    Intel's Mobileye Plans to Offer 41 Million Shares in IPO at $18-$21 Each

    Mobileye is trading at a $23b valuation. I suspected it would ultimately be around a $20b valuation, but there is a pretty high bar for growth even at this current valuation. Time will tell.
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    Intel's Mobileye Plans to Offer 41 Million Shares in IPO at $18-$21 Each

    That's roughly what Intel paid for Mobileye 5 years ago, and a huge cut from the initial $50b Intel was looking for.
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    TSMC Earnings 3Q22

    2023 will probably see a decline in semiconductor earnings, but TSMC will weather this storm much better than most other companies. They are well diversified and many customers have prepaid for capacity.
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    Gelsinger Shocks Financial Community

    My guess is the layoff rumors are legit, but we will find out during Intel's Q3 call. Bloomberg should be a very reliable source. I believe the chip market has slowed down dramatically (when I was talking about a recession a few months ago on this forum a lot of people doubted me), and Intel...
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    Intel to Sell Mobil Eye, Strategic Mistake?

    AMD bought Xilinx in stock. You could argue that AMDs stock price was elevated at the time, so they were trading one overpriced asset for another. I think the AMD-Xilinx acquisition was actually pretty good for AMD and will work out on a long time horizon.
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    Intel to Sell Mobil Eye, Strategic Mistake?

    I think $30b valuation is high in the current market. My guess is $20b is probably reasonable. Considering Intel paid about $15b in 2017, it's not looking like the blockbuster payoff the company thought it would be, and it's not likely going to be enough to plug the major capital hole that...
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    A crazy semiconductor merger possibility

    Intel needs a lot of capital for Capex if they want to keep pursuing IDM 2.0. If Intel goes fabless and spins off foundries, capital needs are much less.
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    TSMC's large power bill

    It's a lot of power, but still pretty comparable to any other large industrial operation.
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    VMWare charged with fraud This happened while Pat Gelsinger was in charge. He fits in really well with the Intel culture.
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    Automation of Everything to Disrupt World Order

    The automation of everything is a slow process that has been ongoing for the last 100+ years. More and more industries will get increasingly automated, sure, but this is happening over the span of multiple decades. As an example, people were talking about self driving trucks putting drivers...
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    Intel will bring in other capital holders to help with fab expansion

    When your strongest engineering department is your financial engineering department.
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    Intel’s Gelsinger Predicts Intel Inside Everything. ~ July 3, 2008

    RISC-V will take a long time for it's ecosystem to catch up with ARM, if it happens at all. Intel is not just competing with ARM, they are competing with Apple, Qualcomm, Broadcomm, Amazon, Microsoft, NVidia, and many other companies that are building CPU design using ARM IP. Then they are...
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    Intel’s Gelsinger Predicts Intel Inside Everything. ~ July 3, 2008

    I don’t believe Intel can compete with the scale of the fabless ecosystem and have been saying so for years. Just as Intel used it’s scale in PCs when it took over the server market in the 90s (early Intel server chips were based heavily on PC chips), the same thing is playing out against the...
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    The military application of commercial chips

    There are lots of consumer grade electronics that also need to be sensitive to heat/vibration/EM... thing of a washer/dryer. You have heat, vibration, noise coming off the motors.
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    What Prevents China’s Military From Repurposing Samsung’s 3nm ASIC’s Sold To Chinese Crypto Miners?

    This. ASIC stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit. It's clear that the Russian military is repurposing FPGAs from consumer electronics for military applications.
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    AMD Announced Q2 2022 Earnings with Revenue up 70% YoY

    AMD gross margin is now about 55%. Intel's probably going to fall to 45%. So they are even closer when it comes to net income. I think AMD will easily catch up to Intel in net income within the next 5 years.
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    AMD Announced Q2 2022 Earnings with Revenue up 70% YoY

    Intel revenue dropped by almost the same amount as AMD revenue increased. Yet Pat Gelsinger blamed the drop on macro economic factors. Reality is AMD is winning significant share.