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Search results

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    Amazon's Graviton Chips, Is Amazon changing the game?

    So, do you think Amazon may offer a menu of specialized chips and software for different tasks in their data centers?
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    Amazon's Graviton Chips, Is Amazon changing the game?

    Is Amazon going change the computing world, like they changed retailing? Is this the start of a new trend in computing that lowers the costs and increases the performance for everyone by Amazon using their massive scale that they bring to everything? Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Will...
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    Invading Taiwan would be China's Ukraine, only worse

    China only has to look east to see how well plans go after the first blow is struck. The odds of Taiwan not having some very nasty and effective responses are near zero. I have no doubt that China could take over Taiwan, but that the cost would be beyond China's worst nightmare. It is not only...
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    Apple/TSM proves the power of the Ecosystem, also China issues

    While most tech companies have taken huge hits in the market over the last year, Apple has fared far better with a hit of less than ten percent. It isn't just about the product, but the ecosystem. This is why I feel Warren Buffett bought five billion dollars' worth of TSM since he looks not...
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    Warren Buffett sees Semis Critical to facing Challenges facing the world

    Warren Buffet fully understands the leverage that the semi world offers in dealing with the challenges before us if we are to survive on this planet. Semis are key to vastly leveraging our ability to monitor problems of all types from social, economic and environmental, then leveraging greatly...
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    Semis have changed Everything, and this is just the very beginning

    Warren Buffet, with his five billion dollar investment in the semi sector leader has fully acknowledged the massive changes that are still yet to come. The automation of everything from robotics in increasing penetration of physical labor to doing autonomous research at the cutting edge. In...
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    Will Micron/TSM form an alliance?

    With Micron having a serious presence in Taiwan, will they supply memory chiplets to TSM for their silicon on fabric integration? Could layering of memory and processing in the same package be a step towards automata and advanced architectures? Is this even a possibility? Any thoughts of...
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    Buffett has Chosen the Winner and it isn't Intel

    Expertise in making semis and business are two totally different endeavors and Warren Buffett being the world's leading expert on business knows this. This is why he invested five billion in TSM instead of Intel. Intel has to make a choice; they can't be both. If Intel tries to do both, there...
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    The Crypto collapse good for the economy and tech

    Both Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet feel like I do, that crypto is a con and hurts everyone and every company by the gross misallocation of resources. This goes against what the tech sector stands for, which is ever greater efficiencies applied to literally everything which is the driver of...
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    TSM up over 10% Premarket

    This is one of the largest increases I have seen in TSM stock in the time I have owned it for a decade. Also note, the dividends are excellent and have been as reliable as the sun rising so far. TSM by its very scale has become one of the major chips in the world economy. It is now Berkshires...
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    Shift in Semi Demand, Large upside trend

    The Berkshire Hathaway purchase of TSM stock has proven my point. We are in the very early stages of a dramatic shift of how our semis are integrated into literally everything and going to cause societal shifts that few, even in the industry have even imagined.
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    Shift in Semi Demand, Large upside trend

    No, semis aren't immune to the way our economy is currently run, but have the power to radically change and vastly improve how our economy is run on all levels and do the same for education. Our society hasn't caught up to vast power semis of all types ability is to improve and grow our economy...
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    Shift in Semi Demand, Large upside trend

    PCs and phones are mature and some in the financial community are saying the semi market is not the place to be. These analysts are short sighted and don't see the increasing penetration of semis into almost everything we touch. Intelligence is in the early stages of integrating into almost...
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    Will our new government even understand tech?

    The big question is will the new US government understand tech and how to utilize its massive power to leverage resources in almost everything, but especially education that offers the ability to learn to leverage almost every industry we have is only politics and special interests can be...
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    T J Rodgers on Chinese Nvidia Chip / CNBC

    Nvidia is making its chips on a larger node to get around export controls. T J calls the Chinese crooked and willing to steal IP at every opportunity and that commodity semiconductors will be made in India, Thailand other countries since they can't be made economically in the US. It seems the...
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    Obsolescence Speeding will Drive Tech and Semis, radically different thinking required

    Adaptive education is learning that adapts to the students thought process and is being developed by Pearson out of England. It realizes there are several ways to get most answers or paths to solving the same problem or challenge. This is why education has to change for no teacher could...
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    Tech, the Solution to Economic Downturn?

    Much of the medical cost problem is transparency. Advertising, marketing and administration eat up a significant portion of the cost and tech could clear up much of this problem. Banning advertising would be a great start, for most doctors are not qualified outside of their field and patients...
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    Tech, the Solution to Economic Downturn?

    Tech offers the opportunity to create economic efficiencies and leverage at a previously unimaginable scale from raw materials to energy to production of goods and services. It also has the ability to lower costs and US medical is the place to start where it consumes twenty cents of every...
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    Obsolescence Speeding will Drive Tech and Semis, radically different thinking required

    Education at all levels will have to change for initial learning will be about learning to use a platform rather than books for a platform can adapt to different students' needs, directions and skill sets from grammar school on. The children of today will be living of a world of advanced...
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    Intel Reports Q3 2022 Earnings: Back To Profitability, But Still Painful

    I hope for the best, but it seems like Intel's plans rely on TSM slowing down process improvement and financial improvement. TSM already has scale and is far ahead. TSM is a fierce competitor and is not going to stand still as shown by their US fab expansion. Gelsinger has to come up with a...