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    A definitive fab supply chain analysis?

    I know there are a lot of good articles and posts here regarding various pieces of the supply chains required to support Foundry/Chip Fab Services. I was curious are there any "all up" analyses anywhere (paid or not) that cover nearly/literally everything required to supply an operational fab...
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    New iPhone 14 range - TSMC 5 and 4

    Just saw the release specs for the new iPhone 14 range The base and plus models use last year’s Apple A15 — on “tsmc 5nm” (N5?), while Pro uses a newer A16 processor on “tsmc 4nm” I was a little surprised no N3 products, and only a “limited” volume for the newer A16 processor. I did not...
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    Intel will bring in other capital holders to help with fab expansion

    Source: Dr. Ian Cuttress on Twitter Intel announces Investment Program with Brookfield Asset Management to provide Intel with a pool of capital for manufacturing buildouts. Agreement terms, the companies will jointly invest $30B into expansion in Arizona: Intel 51%, Brookfield 49%.
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    Why has 10Gbe copper ethernet taken so long to reduce cost and power usage?

    I’m curious why 10gbps copper ethernet has taken so long to get “consumer cheap” compared to previous iterations. We went from 10 mbps being ‘affordable’ in the late 1980s to 100 mbps in the 1990s and 1 gbps in the ~ 2005 timeframe.. yet almost 20 years later we’re still not there with 10 gbps...
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    When did engineers realize scaling below 90nm wasn't like prior scaling? (i.e. Dennard scaling ending)

    I'm just curious - when did the engineers designing higher performance / leading edge chips like the Pentium 4 actually realize that "Dennard scaling was breaking down" ? I know it was common knowledge by the early 2000s that increasing transistor counts were going to drive up power...
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    A little OT - How do your organizations address requirement bloat?

    In the division of the company I work for, requirements bloat and creep are sort of an accepted normal, and very few people even bother to properly challenge requirements. Worse yet, while we have processes in place that are designed to stop requirements creep, they are rarely honored. It's...
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    What does Intel do with old fab equipment?

    Just curious — as Intel has moved away from and retired older nodes, what typically happened to the equipment? Was it recycled, stored, or sold to other fab companies, something else? Thanks!
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    Do modern nodes make FPGAs more or less attractive to replace “old” ASICs?

    (Curiosity) Question - Assuming you don’t have very high performance needs (i.e. a lot of transistors at high speed and/or low power), I think that FPGAs vs ASIC is generally a volume and cost decision. With a lot of focus on ‘very old’ nodes being used by automakers and such, and hints from...
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    AMD, Apple, Nvidia Reportedly Cutting back on TSMC N5 orders (+N6/N7)

    OG Source (paywall) : TH Link: - Apple cutting back orders for iPhone 14 components by 10% from original 90 million units...
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    What news sources do Semi professionals use to keep themselves current?

    Question as per title, just curious what the SMEs here use for staying current in this field? What's trusted and what's not? Thanks!
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    WWDC - Apple M2 launched today on TSMC 5nm ("second gen")

    From my observations of the WWDC stream: - "second generation 5nm technology" - 18% faster CPU performance - a lot more efficient than i7-1260P though i7-1260P absolute performance scaled higher - 25% more GPU perf than M1 at same power level; 35% more at max power - 8K H.264, HVEC - More...
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    Taiwan restricts exports of strategic high-tech commodities to Russia and Belarus Microprocessors or microcircuits with any of the following conditions are under the ban: (1) Performance speeds reach 5 gigaFlops or higher and an arithmetic logic unit has access width of 32 bits or more; (2) clock frequency rates exceed...
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    Do "chip design" and "tape out" costs on older nodes reduce over time?

    Curious -- I always see reports about chip design costs going up for each new bleeding edge node. Do these design costs actually decrease over time for older nodes, perhaps due to improved techniques, software, or AI/ML design tool enhancements? Likewise, does it become cheaper (over time)...
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    When do foundries declare revenue?

    I'm certain this is a dumb question but going to ask anyway. When do foundries typically declare revenue in their quarterly/year end statements? Is it when a product is shipped out of their fab? When they're paid by the customer for the product? Do they count prepayments as part of...
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    What's the current trajectory for predictions of power density limits on new chips?

    Hi folks - For many years there have been predictions that silicon chips will hit a wall on thermal density that cannot be solved by conventional cooling solutions. Items like local hot spots, and not just total power draw come into play reducing the maximum heat output that a die can remain...
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    An Ask - Help me reconcile the consistent message "PC Gaming is Growing" vs. Long term decline in desktop GPU production

    Based on sources quoting Jon Peddie Research, it appears that desktop discrete graphic cards shipments have continuously decreased over the last 15 years, in terms of units sold. Per articles linked below, JPR data shows a peak of ~ 97M graphics cards shipped in 2007, decreasing to ~ 73M by...
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    A small chuckle - Intel CES keynote - Mobileye lightly advertised TSMC 5nm

    I can't find an advertisement free link for this - But I got a small laugh this morning when Intel switched to their Mobileye speaker, and one of the slides (and parts of the speech) emphasized that Mobileye's latest products were on "5nm". Intel effectively paying to advertise a (friendly..)...
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    What does the delivery window negotiation/"allowance" look like with a Foundry?

    I imagine that when an ASIC designer contracts with someone like TSMC to produce something on an advanced node -- there's contractual allowance for schedule changes. For example, Intel is getting ready to launch their ARC graphics cards on TSMC 6nm, and it *appears* that the cards may have...
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    Any way to determine Motorola 68K pricing from the late 80s / early 90s?

    Hi There! I'm personally interested in some of the "computer wars" that occurred in the 1970s and 1980s, and I was curious where I might be able to find reliable sources of volume prices on Motorola 68000 line processors (68020, 68030, EC versions, etc.) from during the time period that they...
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    How much real variation is there in frequency@voltages on a modern high volume process?

    Just curious - How much *real* variation is there on clock speeds or the voltage curve for various clock speeds on modern processes? (and/or is leakage heavily varied -- i.e. waste power to make a chip function). Back in the old days, Intel would sell wide varieties of clock speeds, i.e. 20...