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Search results

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    Governments Experts at Wasting Money, Stay out of Semis

    Answer is no. Like a lot of companies likely milk the tax payer to get themselves into an advantageous position and then cast the tax payer and the public adrift
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    U. S. Sanctions on Huawei to ease?

    The objective of the CCP is to retain power. If what they do helps the people of China then good news for the people , if it doesnt benefit the people that is of no concern to the CCP
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    Deciphering word spoken by ST Micro CEO Jean-Marc Chery at Citi 2022 Global Technology Conference

    STM seem very good at raising prices on their customers but not so willing to pay their suppliers more.
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    High Inflation is expected to persist in the future

    The price of goods and services set by the private company is it not? Does US Govt set the price of an iPhone or an Xbox? Maybe its time the US paid for the toxic wastelands produced by mining and processing rare earth.products. It will be interesting as some folk in the US dont believe in...
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    China Has Painted Itself Into a Semiconductor Corner

    Isnt something more difficult to achieve when its being done for political rather than financial gains.
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    UMC Reports Sales for August 2022

    Doesn't surprise me. Work for a supplier of them and have seen an uptick in orders across all their tech nodes. I assume we are not their primary supplier either.
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    Labor Crunch to Drive Automation/Chip Demand

    Who is going to pay for stuff if everyone automated away? Do you think companies will drop prices when they "lower their costs" following automation?
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    Chinese chip foundry SMIC to invest $7.5 billion in new fab in Tianjin

    Even if they rip TSMC off , if all the chips are for the "home market" in China. What can TSMC do?
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    The UK’s semiconductor industry is dying

    The Govt of the time gave LG a big pile.of cash to come to South Wales , alas global slowdown meant the FAB never even open, alongside the Newport Wafer Fab maybe that region could have been something. Atmel came and went in Tyneside. Mitel come , then it split into Zarlink n Xfab , I dont...
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    TSMC needs to partner with India

    Wont the internal politics within India make this tricky? Some state is going to have to give quite the incentive for TSMC to go there. FABS take up a massive amount of resources especially water , the country struggling already with droughts and access to clean water to start with.
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    No need for TSMC to take side between US and China: Q&A with Richard Thurston

    Didnt read the article , but does the guy not mention India at all? The guy must be walking round with his eyes shut if he believes Indians are not in the industry in massive numbers, or do you think he doesnt count them as Asians?
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    Taiwan Chip Industry Emerges as Battlefront in USA - China Showdown

    Fun Facts are great arent they. Though often a little condescending.
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    China’s SMIC Warns of ‘Rapid Freeze’ as Smartphone Demand Skids

    Slowdown isnt across the board though is it? Those who are feeding from overflow from the leading players are the ones who are going to feel a slowdown most no? TSMC are surely always going to be full or close to it no?
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    The US is ready to block China’s access to advanced chip design software

    When everything has to have a political end not sure thats a system that is going to benefit most people
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    The US is ready to block China’s access to advanced chip design software

    A few of the leading lights got arrested last week the Govt in China , likely the CCP more than capable stopping any progress themselves
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    Intel released Q2 2022 Earnings with Net Loss and Declined Revenue

    Nuflare not the leading maskwriter manufacturer? Didnt know Intel was in the mask game
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    Semis track health, Big Data, Trillion Dollar Mega Market

    Sadly the ones raking in the cash dont see a problem. Insurance companies and medical providers just keep squeezing. They have zero concern over what would seem valid concerns.
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    Intel is trapped - flawed vision, bad execution

    How much of the US tax payers money are they going to trouser?