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Search results

  1. hist78

    IDC Survey Finds the Majority of Senior Business Executives Expect a Recession

    According to IDC, this particular report collected responses from 858 participants around the world. I have doubts about the effectiveness from this relatively small sample size and the industry distribution. Furthermore, I don't understand why IDC decided to skip South and Central America but...
  2. hist78

    U.S. picks team to oversee $52.7 billion in semiconductor funding

    "Because when you are buying chips for a few dollars in you tens of thousands of dollars car, you would easily pay 5x just to have guaranteed dedicated capacity just a truck drive away from my factory so you never have to shut down the line." Did it really happen that automakers paid 5 times or...
  3. hist78

    Biden Launches National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative

    @tonyget, Can you please explain what your "state capitalism economy" really means? Using the Infrastructure Act as an example, I believe all governments in the world are using public money to build bridges and roads. I haven't heard any economists call it as "state capitalism economy".
  4. hist78

    Bipartisan group urges US blacklist for ‘Beijing-directed’ chipmaker, YMTC

    It's very possible that YMTC will be next to join the embargo list. Or you can read the whole article here:
  5. hist78

    Record number of Chinese chip firms going out of business in sign of Beijing’s sputtering self-sufficiency drive

    With the same system, the same policy, and the same ambition, more Chinese will jump into the fray. Although they might be in the different semiconductor segments and in different size. As long as the capital required are supported by someone else's money. Why not?
  6. hist78

    The EDA War, Whole New Battlegrounds

    I'm wondering what those Chinese EDA software companies can achieve without the major foundries' collaboration?
  7. hist78

    U. S. Sanctions on Huawei to ease?

    As the Bloomberg article you quoted: I think this original Bloomberg article has a narrow scope about US Commerce Department's policy towards US companies' participation in...
  8. hist78

    VMWare charged with fraud

    From what I read it seems that VMware was pushing revenue to a later time in order to smooth out the revenue due to future revenue drop or slow growth. They were applying engineering talents to the accounting department, a wrong place to do that.
  9. hist78

    Intel to Sell Mobil Eye, Strategic Mistake?

    Intel needs to raise more cash urgently and there are few good (or less negative impact) options left to do so. Mobileye IPO is one of them.
  10. hist78

    VMWare charged with fraud

    Why VMware and Pat Gelsinger bothered to do it? I'm wondering the total amount of revenue related to this manipulation.
  11. hist78

    Gelsinger Gets 30 billion from Brookfield Capital

    . To form a LLC, all its members/investors chip in capital, land, equipment, and/or technology assets to make it possible. But in the Intel's SEC filing, Intel called this Brookfield deal as a "Contribution and Purchase Agreement". What does the "purchase" really mean? Is it a Sale and...
  12. hist78

    Gelsinger Gets 30 billion from Brookfield Capital

    This type of financial arrangement helps Intel to ease its cash flow issues and maintain Intel's dividends payout. Intel is using its assets to gain $15 billion injection from Brookfield. The "$30" billion value of this venture/partnership/asset sales/sale and leaseback deal is questionable.
  13. hist78

    What happened to the neon shortage?

    I remember TSMC stated that they have multiple neon gas suppliers and there is no supply shortage problem for them.
  14. hist78

    Memory Market Collapse to Lift TSMC to Top Spot in 3Q22 Ranking

    My estimate for TSMC 2022 revenue is between $71 and $73 billion.
  15. hist78

    Semiconductor Companies Q2 2022 Revenue Growth (Excluding equipment, software, and materials manufacturers)

    Updated 9/12/2022 morning Highlights: ~ Semtech Corporation: Record net sales of $209.3 million. Entered into a proposed acquisition of Sierra Wireless, Inc. for approximately $1.2 billion ~ Broadcom: Consolidated revenue grew 23% year-over-year to a record $8.1 billion and operating profit...
  16. hist78

    US Gov’t Halts Exports of NVIDIA & AMD Server GPUs Including H100, A100, MI250 To China & Russia

    It's a warning shot. I won't be surprised that Nvidia will eventually move key AI research out of mainland China.
  17. hist78

    How ASML, TSMC And Intel Dominate The Chip Market

    Intel's current business model is to build a new fab upon market research is done or government subsidies is promised. I don't think HP, Dell, Leveno, Asus, and Acer are willing to sign a long term contract with Intel at this point.
  18. hist78

    Arm sues Qualcomm, aiming to unwind Qualcomm's $1.4 billion Nuvia purchase

    I'm wondering what was included in the agreement between ARM and Nuvia.
  19. hist78

    China Conflict, Golden Opportunity, Tech Should Lead

    Unfortunately, CCP and Xi's priority and leadership list is different and nonnegotiable. Their priority and leadership list is: #1 Chairman Xi #2 Chairman Xi #3 CCP #4 CCP #5 China (if there's anything left after #1 ~ #4) #6 People (if there's anything still left after #1 ~ #5, contribute...
  20. hist78

    Sen. Marco Rubio slams U.S. approval of chip deal involving firm with ties to China’s Wise Road Capital

    I think the first target market for RISC-V is the current ARM's market. It will take a lot of resources and investment to compete against Intel/AMD at this moment. But who has the advanced manufacturing capabilities to make those most advanced RISC-V chips? It will be those same leading edge...