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Search results

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    Applied Materials – Why Its Much Needed Kokusai Acquisition Was Denied By China

    Summary Applied Materials' planned acquisition of Kokusai would have increased its flatlined global market share, which was identical in 2020 as it was in 2013. China blocked the Applied Materials' acquisition of Kokusai while permitting the Marvell - Inphi deal the same week. China is...
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    Applied Materials Regains WFE Equipment Lead

    Applied Materials (AMAT) recently announced its FY Q1 2021 earnings, reporting Non-GAAP EPS of $1.39, beating by $0.11, and GAAP EPS of $1.22, missing by $0.06. Revenue were $5.16B, beating by $190M. According to our report entitled "Applied Materials: Competing Analysis of Serve Markets,"...
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    KLA Still Top Of Semiconductor Metrology/Inspection But Smaller Competitors Gain Share In 2020

    Nova Measuring Instruments (NVMI) moved to the top of semiconductor metrology/inspection growth rankings for 2020, registering a YoY growth of 25.2%, following a -14.3% growth in 2019. These figures are based on semiconductor metrology/inspection equipment only, and excludes revenues from...
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    Semiconductor Companies Best Positioned For Automotive Recovery

    Semiconductors are ubiquitously present in every electronic gadget, and their use continues to grow. In 2020, 946,312 million (946,312,000,000) were made. This included 306,407 million ICs. Chips touch everyone’s lives, so a shortage in these chips cuts a broad swath across the world economies...