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    The Intel Split

    From listening to the introduction by CEO Peter Wennink of ASML at this weeks Q4/2021 presentation, it seems to me that the demand for pieces of the semiconductor pie will be so large the coming 10 years (growing to 1 trillion / year) that there is enormous need to grow the pie = for added...
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    TSM and China, TSM the Ultimate Win/Win construct

    My two cents: invest in your kids. We in NL seem to do, and some days those kids are grownups and may remember something from those boomers who raised them: A UNICEF report published last...
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    TSM and China, TSM the Ultimate Win/Win construct

    From Both the Americans and the Romans believed in the excellence of their form of government. Both also seem to have had some degree of belief in the religious sanctity of their nation and their foreign policies, and...
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    ASML Q2-2018 results: Continued EUV Progress Enables ASML Roadmap Acceleration

    Earnings Growth Continues, Driven by Strong Sales Across Full Product Portfolio - Continued EUV Progress Enables ASML Roadmap Acceleration VELDHOVEN, the Netherlands, July 18, 2018 - ASML Holding N.V. (ASML) today publishes its 2018 second-quarter results. Q2 net sales of EUR 2.74 billion...
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    ASML Q1-18 Results: Multiple EUV Orders, 4 High-NA for R&D in 2021 and HVM in 2024

    ASML Q1-18 Results: Multiple EUV Orders, 4 High-NA for R&D in 2021 and HVM in 2024 Seems like EUV is marching along quite well as reflected in the presentation of ASML's Q1-18 results, see slide 16 in the presentation material (link below): Strong DUV Demand Drives Solid Q1 Results and...
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    ASML Q4-17 Record results: €9 Billion Net Sales and €2 Billion Net Income

    CEO Statement "ASML generated record sales and net income in 2017, helped by a strong fourth quarter. Due to industry strength, some customers requested earlier shipments of their lithography systems, which we were able to accommodate. Earlier-than-expected revenue recognition of two Extreme...
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    SPIE Advanced Lithography 2018: status and prospect of EUV in HVM

    Happy New Year to all. Time flies and a new SPIE Advanced Lithography meeting is on the horizon at the end of Feb 2018. It seems EUV HVM will finally start in 2018 and the SPIE meeting will be discussing the present status and future prospects and issues. Many of the abstracts of the Extreme...
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    Strong Q3-2017 results ASML

    Q3 Sales Strong Across the Full Product Portfolio - Very Strong Demand for DUV Systems, EUV Shipments Continue to Ramp in Support of Customer Plans: CEO Statement "ASML today reports third-quarter net sales that exceed our guidance, partially due to the revenue recognition of an additional EUV...
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    Proceedings discuss latest progress on EUV Litho at June 2017 conference in Berkeley

    The proceedings with the slides of all the lectures/posters presented at the recent June 2017 EUVL conference in Berkeley are available. Click on the individual links of talks in this pdf of the program: The various talks by...
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    ASML Q2-17 results: 25% revenue growth for 2017 and EUV inflection point

    Industry Strength and EUV Demand Drive Expected Sales Growth of About 25 Percent in 2017 - Current Business Trends Likely to Continue into 2018 Seems like another solid quarter for ASML with EUV production capacity for 2017 (12 systems) and 2018 (20 systems + 4 upgrades) fully booked now. It...
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    Nikon Renews Patent Battle with ASML: final capitulation by Nikon in lithography?

    It appears that Nikon is renewing its 2002 battle with ASML on patents: Nikon Initiates Global Legal Actions Against ASML and Carl Zeiss to Protect Patented Semiconductor Lithography Technology: Nikon | News | Nikon Initiates Global Legal Actions Against ASML and Carl Zeiss to Protect Patented...
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    ASML Q1-17 Sales: Stronger Than Expected Demand

    ASML just reported their Q1-17 results: CEO Statement "A positive industry environment provided a strong start to 2017 and healthy demand is expected to continue throughout the rest of the year. Our DUV business saw strong demand from all sectors of the industry. Our service and options...
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    ASML Q4 results and 2017 outlook: 2016record sales/income and 18 EUV tools in backlog

    ASML Reports Record Full-Year 2016 Net Sales and Net Income - Orders for EUV Lithography Systems Show Strong Customer Commitment for Production Insertion ASML took orders for six NXE:3400 Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) systems in the fourth quarter, bringing the EUV backlog to 18 systems for a value...
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    Latest update on EUV, immersion and ASML's roadmap for 2020-2025

    On the ASML website you can find the latest details on ASML's EUV, immersion and holistic lithography roadmaps for 2020-2025. Furthermore, their estimate on revenue and EPS growth. Various detailed presentations from their top management on these topics and the semiconductor industry growth in...
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    ASML to Acquire HMI

    VELDHOVEN, the Netherlands, and HSINCHU, Taiwan, 16 June 2016 – ASML Holding NV [ASML], a leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry, and Hermes Microvision, Inc. (HMI) [3658TT], a leading supplier of pattern verification systems used for advanced semiconductor...
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    ASML reports Q4 results as guided; EUV just `walking` along

    This morning ASML reported Q4-15 results and gave guidance for Q1-16. Because ASML ships (only) some 30-40 litho tools per quarter, of which the high end iArF and EUV tools have production/shipping/installation times of 6-12 months or so, they always have a very solid view on next quarter (and...
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    Happy Holidays: EUV status report end of 2015

    I was studying a bit the latest openly reported updates on EUV technology as presented by INTEL and ASML at the special EUV sources workshop in Dublin (9-11 Nov 2015), and listening to the investors webcasts from 2 Dec at Scottsdale by ASML CFO Wolfgang Nickl and from Dec 8 at San Francisco by...
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    EUV kicks off in HVM, Moore continues at his 50th birthday

    It seems the `grandchildren` of Moore in the US continue his legacy with the announcement today by ASML: ASML: Press - Press Releases - ASML reaches agreement for delivery of minimum of 15 EUV lithography systems User nl
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    A single lithography ecosystem

    The coming days the annual Advanced Lithography conference takes place: During the last few years it appears from the unit sales numbers of advanced lithography systems (iArF and EUV) that ASML has emerged as the single dominant provider of the advanced...