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Search results

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    Has Intel Stumbled Again?

    I missed seeing this earlier...but apparently some Intel employees are working long hours and are rather unhappy. They want to unionize!
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    Has Intel Stumbled Again?

    Intel shareholders voted last week against the company's compensation for its top executives. However the vote is only advisory and won't immediately affect the compensation of Intel's executives. Meanwhile, Intel is...
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    TSMC to again raise prices in 2023

    It looks like Samsung is contemplating raising the cost of its semiconductor products by up to 20%.
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    TSMC April YoY Revenue is +55%

    Speaking of TSMC's looks like they are planning a second additional price hike of "single-digit percentages" (5-8%?) across mature and cutting-edge nodes citing inflation, rising costs and its expansion plans to help alleviate the global supply crunch. The planned price hike will...
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    Japan, US to deepen cooperation in cutting-edge chips

    Nikkei Asia is reporting that the US and Japan are close to agreeing on cooperation in producing chips more advanced than 2nm. They are expected to announce the chip cooperation when Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Koichi Hagiuda visits to meet Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo...
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    What are the historical and probable future node yields from Intel, Samsung, and TSMC?

    Maybe that's why rumor has it that Intel and Apple will be TSMC's two biggest costumers for N2?
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    TSMC 1Q22 Discussion

    You can check out the audio replay at TSMC's website here. If I remember correctly...regarding N2, C.C. Wei indicated that they would start risk production in 2025 and volume production in 2H2025. He appeared to...
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    Intel CEO Visiting Taiwan and Japan in Tour of Asian Suppliers

    I'm wondering if its due to the equipment delays from ASML, Applied Materials, KLA and Lam Research. Nikkei Asia reported that the leading chip tool makers warned that they "may have to wait up to 18 months for some crucial machines". Source...
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    SK Hynix trying to revive its foundry business

    SK Hynix recently indicated that they may get together with strategic partners and try to purchase ARM. "We are reviewing possibly forming a consortium, together with strategic partners, to jointly acquire ," said Park Jung-ho, vice chairman and CEO of SK hynix, reports Yonhap news agency. " I...
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    TSMC, Samsung Urge U.S. to Allow Them Into $52 Billion Chip Plan

    And now there's apparently movement in the Senate to try to get a compromise with the House. Apparently, I'm optimistic again. 🙄
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    TSMC, Samsung Urge U.S. to Allow Them Into $52 Billion Chip Plan

    I did some light research on what's holding up the CHIPS Act...apparently, I was way too optimistic of the bill's passage last year. According to this article (link below), the reconciliation process "could take weeks or months as the midterm election approaches."...
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    TSMC, Samsung Urge U.S. to Allow Them Into $52 Billion Chip Plan

    I honestly would've thought that the CHIPS Act would've passed by now given its strategic importance, the chip shortage and bipartisan popularity. Yet we're still here talking about it more than 9 months later. 🙄 I still believe some version of it will pass THIS year but given the...
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    Neon crisis worsens, Cryoin and Ingas stop production

    According to a consultant (via WSJ), the chipmakers have about half a year worth of neon. You can read more about it in the (free) link below...
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    Samsung Investigating Fraudulent 4nm Advanced Chip Technology Yields

    Thanks for the article! I know wccftech isn't exactly the most reliable source but it's still interesting to read. I'm definitely curious about the yields for all the foundries... although we will never know the actual exact percentage for each one. I believe a well-known leaker on Twitter...
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    Samsung Should Acquire GlobalFoundries!

    There's the belief that IF Intel were to attempt to acquire Globalfoundries, it would spark antitrust questions. I'm no legal expert but I imagine getting China's approval wouldn't be a cakewalk given that Intel recently was forced to apologize for its Xinjiang supplier statement.
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    TSMC to increase investment in chip plant in Japan's Kumamoto, Denso to join the TSMC/SONY partnership

    TSMC's Chairman, Mark Liu, seemed to go out of his way to suggest that JASM (Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing) was a special case during the Q4 earnings call in January. My personal interpretation was that he was publicly reassuring Japan and Sony that they made a great investment.
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    Two Boards and Two Stories. Board of Directors at Intel and TSMC

    While I agree some members of Intel's board isn't as distinguished in the area of semiconductors as TSMC's board, the two standouts with semi experience of Intel's board are the deans : 1. Tsu-Jae King Liu - Co-inventor of the FinFET transistor; 95 patents and 80 patents pending in semi devices...
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    TSMC is in preliminary talks to build fab in Germany

    According to Bloomberg, TSMC has started preliminary talks on building a fab in Germany.
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    JP Morgan research gives Overweight rating to TSMC

    Normally, I don't see wccftech as a reliable source of information. However, I think this article they posted is an exception (especially those of us who have investments in TSMC). Written by JPM analyst Gokul Hariharan, the Twitter-linked report has several interesting pieces of information...
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    Intel looking to develop closer relationship with TSMC?!?!?!

    Well...if Intel is looking for a closer relationship with TSMC, it appears they aren't doing a great job at the moment. Source: