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    Japan, US to deepen cooperation in cutting-edge chips

    Nikkei Asia is reporting that the US and Japan are close to agreeing on cooperation in producing chips more advanced than 2nm. They are expected to announce the chip cooperation when Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Koichi Hagiuda visits to meet Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo...
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    SK Hynix trying to revive its foundry business

    SK Hynix recently indicated that they may get together with strategic partners and try to purchase ARM. "We are reviewing possibly forming a consortium, together with strategic partners, to jointly acquire ," said Park Jung-ho, vice chairman and CEO of SK hynix, reports Yonhap news agency. " I...
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    TSMC is in preliminary talks to build fab in Germany

    According to Bloomberg, TSMC has started preliminary talks on building a fab in Germany.
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    JP Morgan research gives Overweight rating to TSMC

    Normally, I don't see wccftech as a reliable source of information. However, I think this article they posted is an exception (especially those of us who have investments in TSMC). Written by JPM analyst Gokul Hariharan, the Twitter-linked report has several interesting pieces of information...
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    TSMC Begins Pilot Production of 3nm Chips

    If you were wondering why TSMC's stock price jumped up initially this morning in Taiwan (but down in the US stock market because of the Apple news)...I believe I have your answer
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    Samsung to Choose Taylor, Texas, for $17 Billion Chip-Making Factory

    It looks like Samsung will be building a $17 billion fab. This is part of Samsung's plan to invest more than $205 billion over the next 3 years with chip-making a priority...
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    TSMC to double its capacity expansion

    Taipei Times recently published an article that summaries the action(s) we're seeing from TSMC. The pure-play foundry plans to "roughly double its capacity expansion over the next 3 years to cope with rapidly growing demand for chips in HPC and electronic devices. Key points: 1. TSMC expects...
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    India in talks with TSMC on mega multibillion dollar investment plan

    India might just get a TSMC fab! I do wonder why TSMC would agree to build a fab if a chip glut is coming soon... especially since they previously rejected building one there. My guess (and hope as a TSM stockholder) is that the terms are going to...
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    TSMC Details The Benefits of Its N3 Node

    This EE Times article ties together various sources of information regarding TSMC's N3 Node. Quick summary: Speed improvement is at the low-end of TSMC's projections (11%), Logic density misses TSMC's projection (1.6x vs projected 1.7x) and power draw improvement is 27% going from N5 to N3...
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    Intel pressures the U.S. government to help subsidize chip manufacturing

    Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is putting the pressure on the U.S. government to help subsidize chip manufacturing, insisting the current reliance on plants in Taiwan and Korea as "geopolitically unstable." Full disclosure: I'm a...
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    TSMC refuses to comment on rumor Denso involved in Sony partnership

    Japanese media reports that Denso (an automotive component manufacturer) will be joining TSMC's join venture with Sony on setting up a wafer manufacturing plant in Japan (via Nikkan Kogyo Simbun). The news outlet reports that Sony and Denso will jointly invest in the venture and that TSMC will...
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    Shipped from Taiwan, Assembled in the US

    There's news in Taiwan that TSMC is rumored to be shipping parts (the clean room is specifically mentioned) of its new US plant via cargo freight. The second linked article states that the "Made and Shipped from Taiwan, Assembled in the US" model costs 20-30% lower than directly sourcing from...
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    TSMC may set up wafer fabs in Germany and Japan

    An interesting piece of news or rumor... hopefully TSMC will address this tomorrow during their earnings call
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    Apple and Intel become first to adopt TSMC's latest chip tech

    Seeing Apple using TSMC's latest node is no surprise....but Intel?! Yes, Nikkei Asia has apparently learned that Apple and Intel have emerged as the first adopters of TSMC's 3nm process node. I would've thought AMD would have been behind Apple...but it looks like Intel must have paid a pretty...
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    Intel Delays Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPU Production To Q1 2022

    It looks like Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger just suffered his first public setback. Intel is now planning on starting production of Sapphire Rapids (10 nm successor to its Ice Lake server processors) in early 2022 after previously saying it would be ready late this year said Intel's Lisa Spelman in...
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    Samsung Foundry tapes out 3nm GAA chip

    Samsung Foundry has taped out a 3nm chip that uses its Gate-all-around (GAA) transistor architecture. Source:
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    Samsung raises non-memory chip investment to $151 billion through 2030

    Samsung Electronics said on Thursday it would invest 171 trillion won ($151.10 billion) in non-memory chips through 2030, raising its previous investment target of 133 trillion won announced in 2019. Source...
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    Mark Liu, chairman of TSMC, gives first TV interview to 60 Minutes

    Stahl's 60 Minutes report about the crucial semiconductor industry will be broadcast on Sunday, May 2, at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. ⏱📺 Lesley Stahl will interview Pat Gelsinger (CEO of Intel) and Mark Liu (Chairman of TSMC)
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    TSMC Quarterly Sales Rise 17% After Surge in Chip Demand

    TSMC has reported a 3rd straight quarter of record sales thanks to the chip shortage. TSMC said 1st quarter revenue climbed 17% to NT$262.4 billion ($12.7 billion) compared with the average NT$360.5 billion of analysts estimates Source...
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    TSMC to Spend $100 Billion Over Three Years to Grow Capacity

    Remember the big news a couple years ago that Samsung would invest $115 billion in its foundry business by 2030? No? Here's a refresher. Or Intel recently planning to invest $20 billion to build two new chipmaking plants in Arizona? No? Here's the story. we just got TSMC's...