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Search results

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    Orconf 2017

    Just a small note to inform all that Orconf 2017 is approaching. This year, yours truly will have two presentations on the conference: Chips4Makers 'Bootstrapping open source low-volume ASICs' RFC: Is open source from Venus and commercial from Mars ? 'On an (impossible?) quest for an open...
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    OrConf 16

    I guess in the 'professional' EDA world open source is almost invisible. But something is brewing although still early phase and several road blocks ahead. For progress and discussions hapening in that area one can have a look at the last ORCONF conference. Videos of the presentations are...
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    Coverity Scan Report

    Coverity, now part of Synopsys put out their yearly Open Source Scan Report: Coverity Scan Open Source Report Shows Commercial Code Is More Compliant to Security Standards than Open Source Code What strikes me is the change in emphasis now on how closed source software is better standard...
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    Hell freezes over? An FPGA company using Intel as foundry reaching production status.

    After Tabula closing it's doors it seems not all FPGA companies using Intels technology are doomed. I just let the marketing do it's talk:
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    imecMagazine: our anniversary year in 30 highlights

    Imecs year 2014 has been summarized in 30 hightlights: imecmagazine annual overview 2014 (dutch version) I hope you find it as interesting as I do. I am part of the IC-link department also mentioned in the magazine.
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    imec's annual report 2011

    A post for these people who want a little insight in what happens behind the scene on technology development before the big press releases (like Intel's 3D-transistor or HP's memristor ). My company - actually a non-profit research institute - has published a nice annual report for 2011...
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    Open source OpenRISC implementation

    The guys at (now owned and maintained by ORSoC) are asking for donations to help develop an full open source SoC based on the OpenRISC architecture. What does the SemiWiki community think about this ? greets, Staf. PS: I am not related to ORSoC or