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    Hong Kong Key to Tech

    The rule of law is key to free trade, tech and China's ability to obey the treaty they fairly and openly agreed to with Britain before the world will reflect on their government and its ability to live by the letter and spirit of the laws and agreements they enter into. So far their record in...
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    Qualcomm Moving Back to TSM

    Thanks for finding my error, it should have been 855 and has been corrected.
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    Qualcomm Moving Back to TSM

    It looks like TSM is set to dominate 7nm with Qualcomm moving production from Samsung of the snapdragon 855 and 865 5g to TSM 7nm process. This signifies another major shift from Samsung to TSM and validates their leadership in 7nm production. This is largely do to TSMC's ability to create an...
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    China lags far behind in semiconductor battle

    How China handles Hong Kong will be closely watched by the best and the brightest not only business people, but technologists and if the Chinese put fear into a significant fraction of these people, their efforts to advance in anything will be significantly hampered. The best and the brightest...
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    ? on Packaging, Layers Replacing Node Shrink

    With nodes of 5nm and below getting increasingly expensive and difficult to produce, will additional sophisticated layering and packaging technologies become the next area of significant advancement in the semi sector? Also will this be how shrink using layers and packaging will be applied to...
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    New Business Models for New Technologies

    Collaboration and cooperation between separate and different organizations are going to be the key to governments, organizations and companies that will rule the future. Old business models are rapidly going fall by the wayside as the "Great Acceleration" takes hold. The organizations that set...
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    China lags far behind in semiconductor battle

    Morris Chang put together an unrivaled power house comprised not only of TSMC itself, but the partners needed to make an entire ecosystem unrivaled any where in the world. Morris Chang fully understood the value of cooperation and collaboration to an extent very, very few even today barely...
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    China lags far behind in semiconductor battle

    IP protection will be critical to the Chinese advancing. I have heard directly from associates that do business in China they not only steal IP from foriegn companies, but each other. This will do much to discourage home grown development in all areas since it will always be easier to steal...
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    Constantly Adaptive Platforms, TSM, AMAT

    Constantly adaptive platforms are the future of the tech sector for speeding up progress by allowing more people to participate in the development process without having to start from scratch each time a new development is made. Making an adaptive platform real time could speed development even...
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    AMAT opens Technology Accelerator, TSM and Others

    More than ever collaboration in early research is necessary keep up with the needed speed of adoption to keep up. New platforms and business models are needed and this endeavor should accelerate the progress of both AMAT and their customers to further speed technology and its time to market...
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    TSM and Omnivision, Smallest Imaging Chip

    The TSM/Omnivision collaboration has created the world's smallest image sensor for medical use. TSMC's relationship with Omnivision goes back many years and I have no doubt is part of Morris Chang's vision to greatly expand the range of nanotechnologies TSM deals with. I expect TSM to greatly...
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    Semi/Nanotech Changing Economics

    The semi/nanotech ecosystem is radically changing even the basic economics by delivering more with less even with physical objects. The smart phone is but one example of dramatically lowering the amount of materials and even cost by replacing many objects and tasks by reducing the cost, time...
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    China GDP and PMI Contraction A Risk Factor For Global Economy

    Many of the current economic measures are out of date and obsolete as all technologies are advancing at an ever increasing rate of acceleration rendering many traditional methods of economic measurement obsolete. This applies to the shrinking need of many resources to keep up the accelerating...
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    Large Market for Semi/Nanotech, TSM?

    The market in the genetic/biotech offers very large opportunities for semi/nanotech/mems sector to leverage their current research, fabrication and IP into the medical market in a very large way. Morris Chang stated MEMS are one of the largest opportunities for mankind and in this area TSM has...
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    Wafer Capacity by Feature Size Shows Rapid Growth at <10nm

    Any thoughts on the type of capacity needed for Crossbar or 3dXpoint memory? Are these processes radically different from existing processes since they use an extensive layered grid layout? Any insights on the processes for these types of memory would be appreciated. Also are the processes...
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    2019 Microprocessor Slump Snaps Nine Years of Record Sales

    Obsolescence is the main driver of MPU sales, since they have a very long natural life span, but a for shorter economic one. Continuously advancing applications and uses are the real drivers and this is what should be looked at for driving future growth. Automation of everything and medical...
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    Semi Industry Creates Ultimate Weapon, Now Ultimate Responsibility

    5G has been ruled what may be the ultimate weapon, with the ability to literally shut down and disrupt almost everything by the European Union and would give anyone controlling it unparalleled power. This is the kind of power that should only given to entities at all levels that have...
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    Platforms, Leverage, Compounding, AI/ML, TSM/Success

    Rather than doing discovery for a just a one time use, the process should be put into a platform so efforts are not duplicated repeatedly and the knowledge gained and how it was developed can be extended and expanded without going back to the beginning. Also in the process of building all...
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    TSMC Files Complaints Against GlobalFoundries in U.S., Germany and Singapore for Infringement of 25 Patents!

    This whole mess just exposes the dire need for a true international patent system that is fair and transparent and obeys the rule of being non obvious to professionals in the field, which many, many patents actually issued would fail. A truly fair and transparent patent system would actually...
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    TSMC’s Leading-Edge Fab Investments Set Stage for Sale Surge in 2H19

    Dan, thank you very much for the link, it was very informative and I look forward to more blogs in this area. Do you have any thoughts on whether Micron will is working on advanced memory technologies beyond 3dXpoint?