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Search results

  1. J

    Intel planning to build massive new semiconductor factory in Ohio

    They are spending it at TSMC... To build new Gigafab... Do we have data on how much is Intel paying TSMC annually? From 2019,20 to 2024. Heard they paid around $10B in 2021.
  2. J

    Intel looking to develop closer relationship with TSMC?!?!?!

    Another piece to the story (or current situation): Intel doubled leading edge capacity during Trump's era (2017 to 2020).
  3. J

    What are TSM's Next Moves as Shrink Ends

    3D. Multiple layers. Process will be aimed at efficiency with increased Tj. Performance gains will be achieved by 3D aware design (minimizing routing delay). We will se it soon with AMD ZEN-3D.
  4. J

    The Apple A15 SoC Performance Review: Faster & More Efficient by Andrei Frumusanu (Anandtech)

    Hi, there is update to article "Apple CPU Gains Grind To A Halt And The Future Looks Dim As The Impact From The CPU Engineer Exodus To Nuvia And Rivos Starts To Bleed In" from "silicon gang" member...
  5. J

    Intel to manufacture auto chips?

    Well, these days even FEM, gateway... modules (used to control seat position, mirrors, windows...) uses 16/12 nm silicon. Infotainment, ADAS... needs 10/7nm, because people hates "laggy screens"... Actually, automotive suppliers (TI, ST, NXP...) are in transition to 5nm... And this is in my...
  6. J

    tsmc ex-COO Dr. SY Chiang will rejoin SMIC as Vice Chairman but Co-CEO Dr. MS Liang just quit CEO in board meeting

    Hi, i think We need some clarification on this topic as i think SMIC 7nm was created by misinterpretation of mostly western mainstream media... By their misunderstanding of what N+1 means here. Because from what i heard i found that when SMIC is talking about N+1 they are not talking about 7nm...
  7. J

    TSMC to Build Fab in Arizona and They are Hiring!

    Do You think this fab will be build if Biden wins? What about US support towards TSMC (Taiwan) as Biden's priorities are completely different than Trump's?
  8. J

    Intel Launch Event

    Hi, You forgot to include few very important details... 1) Intel is comparing 15W AMD 4800U vs. 50W 10. gen Intel Tigerlake. 2) ZEN2 is old architecture which was on market for quite some time. Tigerlake will have to compete against ZEN3 confirmed to come later this year. 3) Superfin is...
  9. J

    Is Intel 10nm really denser than TSMC 7nm?

    Problem of David Schor is that he takes Intel's marketing materials as bible and then he adjust rest of the world to match it, even at price of crazy extrapolations...
  10. J

    Xilinx Unveils Revolutionary Adaptable Computing Product Category

    First waves of 7nm devices starts showing. After 7nm platform announced by Qualcomm, 7nm CPU and GPU from AMD and several ASICs from mining hardware providers... Today we have finally something from Xilinx. Xilinx Unveils Revolutionary Adaptable Computing Product Category Plus interview with...
  11. J

    Samsung Exynos 9810 to match Apple in performance.

    Next iteration of Samsung mobile SOC will be displayed next week in Las Vegas. Samsung promises new 2.9 GHz custom CPU with significantly improved pipeline resulting into 2x improvement in core performance. Access Denied (note: link to Samsung newsroom)
  12. J

    Intel 14nm+

    Intel just announced Kabylake processors built on 14nm+ process with relaxed gate pitch... And i do not know, what should i think about this. Intel was aimed on dimensions speaking about their process and now bigger pitch is better? Or this is not "real 14nm"? Is that mean, that this is...