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Search results

  1. Daniel Payne

    Name for dice on a wafer that are intentionally different than the others

    Good eye, the handful of different die are there for testing purposes to make precise measurements about that wafer. On the test die they can more easily and efficiently measure IV curves, junction leakages, ESD breakdown voltages, P vs N channel conductance, resistivity of interconnect, etc.
  2. Daniel Payne

    Statistics on foundry capacity per process node

    Most foundries do not publish details about capacity per process node, because it’s confidential, although there are companies that will gladly sell you a report estimating these numbers.
  3. Daniel Payne

    Statistics on foundry capacity per process node

    Google is your friend:
  4. Daniel Payne

    HejianSoft in Shanghai Made Progress in Developing Digital Simulator for the IC Design Industry (EDA)

    I was expecting a link to the Hejian web site, but found none in your article. There's a fab named Hejian that has an insecure website, but no mention of EDA software.
  5. Daniel Payne

    Oski Technology, an Expert in Formal Verification, Joins NVIDIA

    Kudos to Oski for a nice exit, and NVIDIA is such a power house company to be part of.
  6. Daniel Payne

    Any way to determine Motorola 68K pricing from the late 80s / early 90s?

    Quick Google search, 68020 was $487.00 at introduction in 1984, while the 68000 at the same time was priced down to just $15.00.
  7. Daniel Payne

    Lam Research to Open New Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Facility in Oregon

    Lam Research has a big footprint in Tualatin, they are located just a few blocks from my house, and Sherwood is turning much of its countryside into industrial and residential use. Growth is good for the semi business.
  8. Daniel Payne

    SATA Hard Drive Using Problem

    Uh, Windows XP Pro support ended in 2014, so what are you doing with a 7 year old, discontinued computer operating system? Just curious, of course.
  9. Daniel Payne

    Apple boosting iPhone production?

    The mmWave support of 5G in the iPhone 13 could give you faster data rates, but the antenna needs to be within line of sight, even a tree branch or pane of glass will attenuate the signal, dropping your speeds.
  10. Daniel Payne

    NAND Memory Use

    Google is your friend.
  11. Daniel Payne

    China's Tsinghua Unigroup says creditors call for restructuring

    With the rapid expansion of semiconductor companies in China, the banks were too willing to extend credit in efforts to expand quicker. Let's see which Chinese venture picks up the pieces of Tsinghua Unigroup.
  12. Daniel Payne

    Dumb question, but why nobody tried to make ICs on already pre-cut dies ?

    Paul, think about Pizza for a moment, why do they bake the entire pizza all at once, instead of 12 individual pieces? Answer: It’s faster, cheaper and offers greater quality control to fabricate an entire 200mm or 300mm wafer at one time, instead of 5,000 times.
  13. Daniel Payne

    Nvidia, Arm CEOs Talk Troubled Merger

    SoftBank paid some $31B for Arm, when Arm only had $1.5B in revenue, wow, that was a high price. For an IPO of Arm, I think that most investors understand that their cell phone is using an Arm-licensed chip inside, so hopefully SoftBank would recoup their investment.
  14. Daniel Payne

    Nvidia, Arm CEOs Talk Troubled Merger

    Arm being acquired by Softbank never made sense to me, because it lacked any synergy. Arm going IPO makes the most sense, as they maintain their independence, which their customers really want to happen.
  15. Daniel Payne

    Autodesk bids for Altium

    When I hear Autodesk I think 3D architectural software, while Altium is all about PCB software from Australia. Yes, the product lines are non-overlapping. Yes, lots of ex-Mentor sales guys are at Autodesk, but is this a smart deal...
  16. Daniel Payne

    TSMC Widens Market Cap Gap with Samsung Electronics

    The number one customer of TSMC is Apple.
  17. Daniel Payne

    Is IBM back to semiconductor business?!!!

    The IBM and Intel press release,
  18. Daniel Payne

    Measure the current of a normal 12v dc motor?

    Some answers over here,
  19. Daniel Payne

    Listing of publicly traded companies in semiconductor space?

    Google is your friend, try this: