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Search results

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    Intel new Alder lake cpus use more power for faster speed

    Intel's new Alderlake consumer desktop CPUs use more power and little-big core design to seemingly benchmark faster than AMD chips. I do not understand why increasing power use for significant executiion speed improvement is not good. Here are some bench marks...
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    Does anyone know how much of a modern cpu the integer multiply unit takes?

    I am working on an argument that uses normal computer integer unit type primitives to calculate algorithm complexity such as unit multiply and the ability to index arrays and bit strings. It changes complexity results. Wide multiply by table look up can't be a primitive because the table...
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    AI is just application programming - recent protein folding success example

    There has been recent advances in algorithms to translate protein sequences into protein structure. As usual Google is calling its program Alphafold a great AI success. Reality is that it is just good application programming using physical theories from molecular bonding area. Program is...
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    Biden's Chinese investment sanctions are better

    I think the new US Biden administration China rules contradict the discussions on Semiwiki. My view is that Biden is right. Everyone benefits from a world wide electronics industry. US sanctions are only to stop US investments in Chinese miltary linked companies. It does include no US...
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    Why I think Samsung invested in IonQ QC company for the interconnect technology

    Samsung Venture Fund has just invested in a quantum computer (QC) start up in Maryland called IonQ. Here is one story: IonQ is interesting because its QCs are large and use well understood...
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    Why I think ARM servers will always be slow

    My thinking on this was triggered by an interesting discussion on Slashdot speculating on how the Chinese icensed from AMD X86 processor will work. I do not understand the ARM processor in detail. Although I did spend some time thinking about porting CVC Verilog simulator to generate ARM...
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    On 50th Anniversary of Shockley Semiconductor question on 7nm problems.

    I studied physics as a Stanford undergraduate back in the late 1960s. I knew William Shockley from taking his Freshman seminar. I noticed various recent commemorations of the founding of Shockley Semiconductor. I knew a different Shockley than the current mythology and think the book "Broken...
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    Even if Quantum Computers can be Built, they will not be Fast

    John von Neumann in the 1950s already considered abstract models of computers in designing the von Neumann architecture that is used to build modern computers. The problem is that although Turing Machines are universal, they are slow because they lack random access and bit accessing...
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    AI and chess - Does anyone know about US champion Caruanna's new opening

    This appeared in today's Financial Times Chess column: "The US champion and world No. 2 unleashed a brilliant opening novelty, which incendently showed the limitations of the most powerful computers." Does anyone know anything more about this? I do not understand chess, just enough to sort of...
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    Why AI is pseudo science hype - shown by Cancer detecting chip PR

    There is interesting PR from IBM research press release on new chip to detect cancer. Claim is that chips using bio-assay can detect cancer. Here is a URL for one story: IBM Lab on Chip Detects Cancer | EE Times Area is interesting because there is a very complex bio-marker test for...
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    EE Times story labeling everything solid state as quantum is questionable

    It is the slow holiday season so I thought I would comment on a recent EE Times story and a recent EDA Cafe story. The first is about an MIT claim of making an advance in Quantum magnetism. The claim should be labeled an advance in "solid state electrodynamics" because discovery is of a new...
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    Simulation Needs for Edge Related X propagation problems

    This is to amplify Andrew's answer to the X propagation discussion and explains why we think only simulation can find gate level X's handled incorrectly by normal Verilog semantics especially X propagation problems that involve edges...