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Search results

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    Batteries, the next frontier for semis

    Advancement in battery is all about material science,not much relevance with semiconductor
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    TSM is the Winner the US should invest in

    Biden's enormous spending bills have met resistance now,because inflation in the US is at record high and biden still wants to print so much money to make inflation even worse
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    White House spurns Intel's plan to boost chip production in China

    I thought Intel sold their DaLian fab to SK Hynix
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    The Ruins of Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor

    YMTC is 80k at the moment YMTC has it's own brand SSD called “ZHITAI”,and the price is about the same as Samsung/Micron. Check it out yourself Running at loss and debt isn't necessarily an issue if...
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    The Ruins of Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor

    Did you get that rumour out of thin air? The information I have gathered indicates that YMTC is running at capacity and steadily increasing WPM. They are hiring more people and purchasing more equipments(can be verified on recruiting and bidding websites). What is YMTC's goal of 2021 and what is...
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    TSM, The most important company in the world, world peace

    Can you name any technical fields besides semiconductor, where Taiwan is the global leader?As far as I know,Taiwan lags behind in almost all non-electronic industries. Aerospace/Quantum computing/Artificial Intelligence/Biotech/Ship buidling/Pharmaceutical/Advanced Materials/Clear...
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    TSMC agreed to provide confidential informations to the US before 8th November The US Department of Commerce requires semiconductor factories to provide data to solve the problem of semiconductor chip shortage. In this regard, TSMC stated that it will provide relevant information to the US government on...
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    US control of financial functions trumps Chinese military

    Apparently this guy doesn't understand that it is in US's interest to see China(or any other country)continue to use US dollar in international trade,that is the only way to remain the dollar status in today's international trade system. Economic 101,currency is only an exchange media,it does...
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    Why an India-Taiwan mega chip deal could be a global save.

    India never have any success in capital-intensive sector . Because India government is cheap,always dream about MNCs come to their help.
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    Alternative to Taiwan/China conflict

    Conflict or not, the US already determined to move all the semiconductor productions back to home in order be self-sufficient. Other places such as EU Japan Korea China are all moving towards this direction. In the future everyone will make their own stuff rather than rely on trade,The relative...
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    Korea urged to confront US calls for key chip info The government is facing growing calls to stand up to the U.S.'s "undue" demand for Korean semiconductor manufacturers to reveal key business information, so as to protect local companies involved in the sector. Industry sources...
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    TSM ask equipment and material suppliers to reduce prices by 15% Taiwan’s TSMC asking suppliers to reduce prices by 15% TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) is asking its suppliers to cut prices next year in order to boost profitability...
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    The Semiconductor Heist Of The Century. (is there going to be a semiwiki follow up article on ARM China JV?)

    ARM is facing big challenge from RISC-V in China, recently many Chinese companies started to develop RISC-V chip. So it is understandable for ARM to be more localize in order to maintain it's position in China, otherwise Chinese companies will see ARM as an unreliable source of IP which could...
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    Gelsinger Can't Win, Ecosystems Must be Built, Morris Chang

    TSMC only become an important fab player since 1990s, major pharmaceutical companies exist long before that. Major life saving drugs such as penicillin/insulin/brufen etc, were also invented long before TSMC.
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    Intel has announced its first major customer for its new Intel Foundry Services business: Qualcomm Intel has announced its first major customer for its new Intel Foundry Services business: Qualcomm. Best known for designing the Snapdragon chips that power most major Android phones, Qualcomm will...
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    Gelsinger Can't Win, Ecosystems Must be Built, Morris Chang

    ASML is the only company provides EUV , the very machine that TSMC rely on. TSMC cannot live without ASML, but ASML can live without TSMC as it does not lack customers for EUV machines. So ASML is more import than TSMC.
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    Gelsinger Can't Win, Ecosystems Must be Built, Morris Chang

    It is understandable that from your point of view TSMC is “the most important company on earth”, but I would argue that leading pharmaceutical companies are more important than TSMC. People can live with older node chips(which can be provided by many fabs outside TSMC), but cannot survive...
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    Chip decoupling risks costly failure, Morris Chang warns TAIPEI -- Efforts by nations to bring chip production onshore could backfire, failing to achieve self-sufficiency despite massive cost outlays, warned Morris Chang, the founder of...
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    Dumb question, but why nobody tried to make ICs on already pre-cut dies ?

    Because there is no clear benefits of such method over the traditional one
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    China Has Made a Record 140 Billion Chips So Far This Year!

    I suppose the satistics include discret componts such as diodes