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Search results

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    Take a potentiometer as a voltage divider?

    Good day, all I have a small fan setup and I wanted to add a potentiometer to use as a variable resistor. I checked some steps of how to wire a potentiometer. I've come up with this design which uses a logarithmic potentiometer in place of a series resistor. Initially, the red line did not...
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    Is it possible to replace a ceramic capacitor with two electrolytic capacitors in this configuration?

    I would like to place a non-polarized capacitor in between V1 and R1. Is it possible to replace the non-polarized capacitor(ceramic capacitor) with two polarized (electrolytic capacitors) C1 and C2 shown in the diagram above?
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    AND Gate Stays Open

    I have a very simple circuit on a breadboard with two push-button switches, an AND gate (74LS08), and an LED. I have the two switches hooked up to pins 1 and 2, while the LED goes from 3 to ground. Pin 14 is given 5 volts, while pin 7 goes to ground. I'm just trying to test to see if the AND...