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    TSMC agreed to provide confidential informations to the US before 8th November The US Department of Commerce requires semiconductor factories to provide data to solve the problem of semiconductor chip shortage. In this regard, TSMC stated that it will provide relevant information to the US government on...
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    Korea urged to confront US calls for key chip info The government is facing growing calls to stand up to the U.S.'s "undue" demand for Korean semiconductor manufacturers to reveal key business information, so as to protect local companies involved in the sector. Industry sources...
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    TSM ask equipment and material suppliers to reduce prices by 15% Taiwan’s TSMC asking suppliers to reduce prices by 15% TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) is asking its suppliers to cut prices next year in order to boost profitability...
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    Intel has announced its first major customer for its new Intel Foundry Services business: Qualcomm Intel has announced its first major customer for its new Intel Foundry Services business: Qualcomm. Best known for designing the Snapdragon chips that power most major Android phones, Qualcomm will...
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    Chip decoupling risks costly failure, Morris Chang warns TAIPEI -- Efforts by nations to bring chip production onshore could backfire, failing to achieve self-sufficiency despite massive cost outlays, warned Morris Chang, the founder of...
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    TSMC Receives 13k Job Applications For U.S. Chip Plant The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Firm’s (TSMC) plans to construct a chip manufacturing facility in Arizona might need extra to them than meets the attention. Taking inventory of TSMC’s...
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    Apple, Google, and others lobby US Congress for $50 billion chip manufacturing subsidies amid global shortage Tech industry heavyweights including Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, and more are forming a coalition to lobby the US government to fund additional...
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    STMicro CEO sees no reason to take part in EU chip alliance PARIS (Reuters) - Franco-Italian chipmaker STMicroelectronics sees no reason to join a potential European Union semiconductors alliance, its chief executive said on Tuesday, as the European Commission is seeking...
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    Mark Liu:The US should invest in R&D, instead of trying to change the supply chain TSMC Chairman Liu Mark accepted an exclusive interview with American TV. He said that Taiwan’s semiconductors are called "Silicon Shield", which means that the whole world needs...
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    TSMC board backs US$2.89bn fund to expand NanJing fab capacity Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC, 台积电) board of directors on Thursday approved an allocation of US$2.89 billion to increase the company’s manufacturing capacity, which is expected to be used to expand its...
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    ASML CEO Says Trying to Control Chip Sales to China Won’t Work Export controls against China will not only fail to halt its technological progress but also hurt the U.S. economy, ASML Holding NV Chief Executive Officer Peter Wennink said, after trade tensions between Washington and...
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    TSMC:No more discount for large customers TSMC Is Reportedly Terminating Discounts and Increasing Prices Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has annulled volume discounts for its largest customers and raised prices amid...