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Search results

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    Seeking info on economics of passive components manufacturing.

    Hello, I am seeking info on how economics of passives production works. The question bigger than all the rest is how big needs to be the market to make a startup scale passives manufacturing profitable?
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    My friend is opening an LED lighting business. We found out there is no LED drivers on the market without through-hole parts above few Watts.

    So, that's how it is. A buddy of mine is looking for a place in Bangladesh for a factory, and he is sizing the factory floor for a business he wants to run for years on end, "until it stops working." We found it's very hard to make an SMT only constant current LED drivers. We looked at...
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    Anybody have had experience in EMS business?

    I am continuing my search to find a place to put $100k-$200k into a business. I am thinking of starting an electronics manufacturing service (EMS) as one option. I myself worked in engineering, and OEMs for 10 years, but so far had little exposure to anything like high end EMS, and instead...
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    Entering an IC industry with $100k-$200k business... Is it real?

    Hello dear SW members, How do you think it's real to enter an IC space with such amount of money? The cheapest part of the industry physically dealing with ICs, backend, and packaging, doesn't seem to be doing too great if you take conventional wirebond, or even low end BGA shops. Cheapest...
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    Career advise for a person on a crossroad

    Hello gentlemen, This year I have hit 30, without much exciting things to show, still a bachelor, travelling from one engineering contract to another. For the last 4 years, I've been employed by one giant Chinese engineering contractor which has branches doing everything from consumer...
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    Sapphire Rapids is a flop. It seems clear now.

    40-core Sapphire Rapids dual-socket part outed on Geekbench, scores nearly 30K, but trails behind the likes of the Ryzen 9 5800X
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    Dumb question, but why nobody tried to make ICs on already pre-cut dies ?

    So, the idea that came to my head is why nobody tried to cut dies first, and then grow ICs after they are put into some kind of a carried? I understand that alignment, warpage, and metrology now becomes a per-die problem, instead of per-wafer, but so far it doesn't seem to be impossible with...
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    Any WiFi AP chipset vendors left other than Qcom or Bcom?

    Hello gentlemen, Have anybody been looking on the WiFi AP SoC market recently? Since Qcom bought Atheros, we've been left with only 2 options, and both terrible for the small integrator. 3 year ago, we went with MT7628 seeking a less terrible supplier relationship, and regretted this option...
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    How many SemiWikians are working in electronics manufacturing outside of semi?

    Hello, A mini poll here. Do we have people here who work in manufacturing industry outside of wider semiconductor design, and process? First, I will add myself as somebody who gave up on the industry almost a decade ago, and since worked doing fairly simple EE, and computer programming, and...
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    Monolithic 3D SRAM like 3D flash

    I've been wondering if somebody ever attempted to make monolithic SRAM like flash people did VNAND. To my surprise, it was very few. While 6T SRAM cell is much more complex than a single flash cell, and rows also need sense amps for fast operation, it's still comparable by number of materials...
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    Prospects for new low-end (130nm-300nm on 200mm wafers) semi businesses

    Hello SemiWikians, I've been wondering how ongoing industry changes can open new opportunities for low-end entries. The conventional wisdom is that the whole industry above 130nm has long been a scorched earth with no prospects of profits for new entrants to survive, and that existing vendors...
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    Electronics industry in Bangladesh, and Vietnam

    Hello, I'm researching what's the situation with microelectronics in these two countries. I haven't found much. Maybe somebody knows more if industry there exists in a way beyond just assembly?
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    Anybody with contacts at Winbond?

    Hello SemiWikians, Does anybody know anybody from Winbond?
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    2020 was the best year for the industry in decades. What's going on? Wider discussion.

    Readers probably know of a somewhat countercyclic natures of the industry: economic downturns often lead to both demand shifts towards lower end, higher volume products (and thus revenue.) But I believe few have full explanation for what's happening now. The industry saw both bumper profits...