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Search results

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    What’s in a nanometer? Intel may renumber its chips - mike rogoway

    -Claims Intel may use tsmc nomenclature. -nvidia and amd are gaining market share. -Pat Gelsinger plans to compete directly with tsmc. -quotes Pat Gelsinger "We are out to be unquestioned leaders.” Daniel Nenni already wrote this and even adds tsmc has a massive lead in capex. Mike rogoway...
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    Where is Jack Ma?

    He's been missing maybe he's a really introverted person.
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    Hailo a company to keep an eye on. It seems their ai processors are beating the competition. Companies like Samsung and Intel struggle to keep up with the architecture-specific service demands consumers want. The little guy isn't just winning once in a while they're eating the giants lunches.
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    Industry 4.0

    Honda Affiliate Launches AI Consortium - Advanced Manufacturing It's the "Smart" factories using ai story. Stuff to note. AI will do quality control. Forklifts will be operated by ai. It's predicted to be a $4 billion industry. People are no longer needed is an assumption left to the reader...
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    I thought this may be an interesting company.

    It's a fabless company that makes processors specifically for ai. You never know in a sink or swim world of engineering but it could be something. AI performance, not stories | Home | Habana Labs Habana Labs was founded in 2016 to unlock the true potential of AI by providing an order of...
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    Is this fake news?

    Intel preparing to spend billions on new Oregon factory I can believe intel could renovate a fab but a new fab when finding the labor is so difficult in oregon is a little hard to believe. The $143,000 average wage seems a little high too me.
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    Alibaba will make its own computer chips

    Alibaba is getting into the chipmaking business I think this in an important trend that's changing the world and it's not just semiconductors it's robotics, cars, and everything. A lot of companies without a seo guy that understand Alibaba are failing.
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    For what it's worth intel is shipping cannonlake.

    Reports: Intel shipped 10-nm Cannon Lake CPUs ahead of the new year - The Tech Report
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    A typo took down a big chunk of the Internet

    Amazon mystery solved: A typo took down a big chunk of the Internet
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    Omega 2

    I thought this was interesting. Omega2: $5 Linux Computer with Wi-Fi, Made for IoT by Onion —Kickstarter
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    Yahoo Sold To Verizon. I don't think the deal makes sense. Telecommunications and search engines are too different.