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Search results

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    IBM and Analog AI, Micron? In memory computing, phase change memory?

    Is analog AI going to be one of the paths forward? Is Micron making a move to in-memory computing with FPGAs? If so will they use a GAN system for AI/ML using these devices? Any thoughts on Micron's move into FPGAs? Will phase change memory ever become a serious factor in AI/ML? Any...
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    Government to use DPA to compel semiconductor companies to share information

    Supply and demand, when out of wack the situation will self-correct. An ideal time for TSM to increase production, but this will be based on firm orders.
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    210 Billion Lost, Semis Massive Leverage, TSM a Trillion-dollar Market Cap?

    The auto business losing 210 billion in business due to the chip shortage really brings home the massive leverage the chip shortage brings to the world economy. As intelligence in everything is increasing at an ever-accelerating rate the need for growth in all sectors of the chip market has...
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    The computer chip industry has a dirty climate secret

    Singapore recycles its sewage into drinking water and has been for a few years. I'm sure Singapore sees the potential profits, as well as self, need driving this technology forward...
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    Intelligence Everywhere, Untapped Mega Markets

    The market for intelligence everywhere is staggering. HVAC systems that use the thermal mass and outside air are but one example of an almost virgin market of staggering size. I moved to Nevada last year and have used the thermal mass of the house to the point I rarely use the airconditioning...
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    1984, Big Brother, Semis Impact

    Technology without wisdom can be as dangerous as it is beneficial and those developing it must not operate in a vacuum. Those of us working in the tech sector must also take some responsibility for how it is used and take early steps to guide its use to the benefit of society in general...
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    AMD set to Challenge Intel with Xilinx acquisition?

    Will AMD take a bite out of Intel with its acquisition of Xilinx? How is Gelsinger doing so far leading Intel or is Intel going to get hurt by Nvidia, AMD, and others each taking a bite out of Intel with TSM and their partners taking bites out of Intel on what seems a constant and increasing...
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    TSM has taken Collaboration to an Art Form

    The secret behind the success of TSM is the ability to take collaboration to an art form for one of the largest collaboration models on the planet. Collaboration extends through every corner of the massive and growing ecosystem that TSM has built and is nurturing with a level of trust that is...
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    What will be the top ten advances in the Semi ecosystem?

    With the pace of change speeding up and semis becoming literally integrated more and more into every facet of our lives, occupations, governments, and social structures, what will be the next major advances in the semi world from EDA to fabrication methods to MEMS and all other areas including...
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    Will wafer to wafer bonding be the next big advances in semis?

    Will wafer to wafer bonding be the next big advance in semis and how does it compare to silicon on fabric integration? Is AMAT a leader in both? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
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    Will China master 14nm and what is their future in semi production?

    Other technologies will take the place of shrink in increasing performance and China will stay behind until they establish a fair and open market without massive IP theft or forced partnerships.
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    Will China master 14nm and what is their future in semi production?

    Are there any observations on China and its efforts to have homegrown production of semis and the possible timelines involved? Will China be able to compete in what areas of semi-production and when? I don't see them competing at the high end if ever because of patent and copyright laws that...
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    Another reason why Samsung should buy GlobalFoundries!

    With money being as cheap as it is, under two percent for top credit rating companies, a cash hoard isn't the strategic advantage it once was. TSM not competing with customers is also a major strength, just ask Apple. Samsung directly competes over a wide range of potential customers, sharply...
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    Delivering Value and Money Printing, Compounding, Leverage and Tech

    In this age of money printing as a very bad solution to solving problems and challenges, we will see numerous distortions in our economic system, made far worse by an epidemic that is morphing as fast as we can fight it. One interesting note is the Olympic athletes testing positive, but being...
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    New Tech to Double Lithium Battery Capacity

    New battery and semi technologies are coming out at an accelerating clip due to technology feeding on itself and enabling research and testing costs to come down dramatically in many areas. This now is applicable to all technologies and the rate of change is coming at an ever-accelerating rate...
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    The Semiconductor Heist Of The Century. (is there going to be a semiwiki follow up article on ARM China JV?)

    China or SIMIC was found guilty in Alameda and Santa Clara county courts of IP theft from TSM. TSM was awarded shares of SIMIC and the right to block products for a number of years. YOU are 100% WRONG! I live close to both courts and have personally worked on their physical plant.
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    TSM raising prices 10-20%

    TSM's customers are getting cutting/bleeding-edge technology with a proven pathway to staying ahead, this is a winning combination and value that few companies in any field can match. TSM does this without gouging the customer for they have to buy bleeding edge equipment backed up the very best...
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    TSM raising prices 10-20%

    TSM is raising prices, which will give them even more ammunition to not only expand production but for increasing their technological lead even further. TSM is mastering the art and utilization of compounding to increase not only their technology but market share. TSM is a finely turned...
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    New Tech to Double Lithium Battery Capacity

    I agree with you completely, but more and more advancements are being made, and learning from failures is just part of the advancement process. Generally, more failures mean an acceleration of the accumulation of knowledge of a particular area, and batteries are no exception. The amount of...
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    New Tech to Double Lithium Battery Capacity

    New developments in battery technology are coming at an ever-accelerating rate as the amount of research on them is increasing and any business or research planning should take this into account. This is just one in a long string of improvements we have seen and there can be no doubt we will...