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Search results

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    A future view of the Semiconductor Industry

    I have been thinking to create a mindmap for a long time for the semiconductor industry. I know that the industry is getting divided into diff verticals like IoT, 5G, Datacenter, AI etc. It was more like the company which is manufacturing all kinds of chips is now focusing on a specific...
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    Podcast Summary: EP13 - The Three Pillars of Verification with Adnan Hamid

    This is the summary of the recent podcast "EP13: The Three Pillars of Verification with Adnan Hamid". Topic: Three important fundamentals of Verification Guest: Adnan Hamid, founder and CEO of Breker Verification Systems. Host: Daniel Nenni, Semiwiki Adnan mentioned three things that affect...
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    How many people are back at Intel exactly?

    I know that along with the CEO, Sanjay Natarajan, former Intel Senior Fellow Glenn Hinton are brought back to the base. I am just curious to know the people who came back and what is their come-back significance.
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    Discussion: Our chips can never achieve the true computing power of a brain by having same specs like it.

    I always have the concept of building an exact brain-like hardware, in my mind. By which I mean, computer architectures inspired by Brain. The other thing which inspired me and pushed me to think in this direction is that the brain has large computation power but consumes small amounts of...