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Recent content by smeyer0028

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    Do Quantum Computers Have a Serious Flaw?

    The question of the possibility of quantum computers (QC) ever being built is unclear Of the very large number of papers published in the QC area, more are skeptical of the possibility of QCs being built that are faster than classical computers than pro QC papers. Some papers depend on...
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    Jay Last, One of the Rebels Who Founded Silicon Valley, Dies at 92

    I thought of an example of need for basic research in semiconductor area. Circuit simulation is still performed using ancient Spice. It goes back to the late 1960s and 1970s when solid state physics was an important theoretical reseach area. It is still always used. Research is needed to...
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    Jay Last, One of the Rebels Who Founded Silicon Valley, Dies at 92

    The term "digital physics" might not be right. EECS departments are saying physics is applied physics. For example, Stanford SLAC is now used exclusively for materials science and biological experiments. Young theoretical physicists are stuck working on quantum computers because there is...
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    Jay Last, One of the Rebels Who Founded Silicon Valley, Dies at 92

    I knew William Shockley from taking has Freshman seminar at Stanford. The book "Crystal Fire: The Invention of the Transistor and the Birth of the Information Age" by Riordan M. and Hoddeson, L. tells a very different story of Shockley Semiconductor. I think the actual Shockley...
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    Intel new Alder lake cpus use more power for faster speed

    Intel's new Alderlake consumer desktop CPUs use more power and little-big core design to seemingly benchmark faster than AMD chips. I do not understand why increasing power use for significant executiion speed improvement is not good. Here are some bench marks...
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    Does anyone know how much of a modern cpu the integer multiply unit takes?

    I am working on an argument that uses normal computer integer unit type primitives to calculate algorithm complexity such as unit multiply and the ability to index arrays and bit strings. It changes complexity results. Wide multiply by table look up can't be a primitive because the table...
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    Introducing M1 Pro and M1 Max: the most powerful chips Apple has ever built

    I write the CVC digital Verilog HDL simulator. Main determinant of simulator value is simulation speed (can over night regressions for complex chips be completed overnight?). Verilog simulation is limited by integer CPU performance. There are other types of simulation that are limited by...
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    Introducing M1 Pro and M1 Max: the most powerful chips Apple has ever built

    CPU is not really faster and still seemingly just one instruction per clock cycle. Improvements except for graphics where parallelism works is faster memory interface, larger cache and more GPUs. CPU is faster because of process shrink. When X86_64 CPUs start improving the same features and...
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    Just released, Intel is attacking Apple, Again!

    I think Intel (Wintel?) are responding to AAPL M1 closed system performance by making Intel's new Alder Lake i5 optimized for just Windows closed system benchmarks. For my Verilog digital simulator that is close to a universal machine, the optimizations especially larger caches optimized for...
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    The Apple A15 SoC Performance Review: Faster & More Efficient by Andrei Frumusanu (Anandtech)

    I am not sure if this is relevant, but does anyone know the instructions per clock cycle (IPC) of the Apple cores?
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    Intel's Weak 2021 Sales Expectations

    Why won't TI grow? The world is going more analog IC. I think analog EDA tools are improving more than digital.
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    Semis Greatest Gift, Compounding, TSM

    I think you are swallowing the AI hype without any skepticism. Something interesting happened with biotech drug discovery "compounding" recently. Google claims to have discovered an AI algorithm to go from sequencing of DNA, RNA and proteins to the 3 dimension structure of molecules. Claiming...
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    SATA Hard Drive Using Problem

    This not exactly on topic, but I have been having problems with modern lightweight laptop SSD drives and Linux only system. Symptom is that SSD drive loses ability to boot. Having a repair shop replace the drive fixes problem. Strange part is that when the unbootalble drive is plugged into a...
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    AI is just application programming - recent protein folding success example

    There has been recent advances in algorithms to translate protein sequences into protein structure. As usual Google is calling its program Alphafold a great AI success. Reality is that it is just good application programming using physical theories from molecular bonding area. Program is...
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    Valve Steam Deck use x86

    Good question. Linux port to the Apple M1 is almost finished. That will allow benchmarking where Apple can't optimize for its OS. So far compiling Linux kernal on M1 is faster, but that is probably because M1 has highest memory bandwidth since RAM is on the SOC.