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Recent content by slin

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    Alternative to Taiwan/China conflict

    Foxconn is actually a Taiwanese company.
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    Just released, Intel is attacking Apple, Again!

    The kind of company that stopped innovating and relies on marketing to stay afloat. Apple initially asked Intel to build iPhone processors which they refused. They gave them many years to produce processors for the Mac lineup but the performance and battery life only saw marginal improvements...
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    Will China master 14nm and what is their future in semi production?

    It's not hard to believe SMIC has achieved 95% yield on 14nm process considering that they have aggressively recruited ex-TSMC employees at all costs. From what I've heard, they regularly offered minimum 3x salary or more.
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    Intel boxed out Apple and AMD?

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, I'm sure TSMC will give Apple and AMD priority access to their 2 nanometer nodes when it becomes viable couple years down the road.
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    If China takes Taiwan, the World Loses

    Typical response from a commie. When they are accused of something, they hit back every point with disinformation. Just like when U.S. accused China of spreading Wuhan virus (aka Corona Virus), they claimed an american military personnel brought the virus to China. "They have never stolen...
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    If China takes Taiwan, the World Loses

    Why is it silly? Huawei is founded by former chinese military and heavily backed by the Government and China's state bank and have a strong connection. They have a vast domestic market and telecom equipment isn't the only thing they sell - they used to sell more smartphones than Apple. At the...
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    If China takes Taiwan, the World Loses

    That's exactly how Huawei beat out Ericsson and Nokia in the installation of 5G networks around the world. The price they bid on those contracts were ridiculous low for other fair market competitors to beat - but they get you back on backdoor trojans and spywares. I heard some african and...
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    Gelsinger Can't Win, Ecosystems Must be Built, Morris Chang

    ASML is critical but so do many other vendors in the supply-chain. For instance, without the german manufacturer Carl Zeiss providing ultra-high performance optics (175 years of lens making expertise) it may not be possible for ASML to build the EUV machines to such fine tolerance. So by that...
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    Gelsinger Can't Win, Ecosystems Must be Built, Morris Chang

    No doubt TSMC's ecosystem is huge, but another important philosophy of the company is that they can be trusted and do not compete with customers. They're willing to help/nurture/grow together with all their supply-chain vendors and have in the past. They have one of the best, if not the best...
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    Intel is in Talks to Buy GlobalFoundries

    The insight would be for IDM's to spinoff their own foundries in favor of using pure foundries. There, I just saved Intel $30B - LOL.
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    Intel is in Talks to Buy GlobalFoundries

    Yet another baffling move by Pat Gelsinger. GlobalFoundries has the capacity just not on the leading/bleeding edge that Intel desperately needs if it wants to get back in the foundries business. If this deal goes through, it may very well be the last straw that breaks intel's camel back.