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Randy Smith

Randy has been running his own consulting practice, Randysan Marketing since 2005. He is also is a SemiWiki blogger and is currently heading up the SemiWiki Webinar Series.

For his first ten years in industry, Randy built and led engineering teams up to 45+ engineers in electronic design automation (EDA). After the company he co-founded, Tangent Systems, was acquired by Cadence Design Systems, he remained at Cadence for 5 years building new teams and managing critical departments such as the Digital IC Channel marketing team and the Technology Partnership group.

After leaving Cadence in 1994, Randy spent the next 11 years putting together and mentoring winning teams in EDA and semiconductor IP start-ups resulting in many successful exits. In 2005, Randysan Marketing was launched. Through consulting, Randy was able to leverage his marketing and business development expertise. Concurrently, he built or rehabilitated the teams at selected departments, or entire companies, through various roles such as Chairman, CEO, Interim VP, advisor, or consultant. This included occasionally joining his clients on a full-time basis to accelerate their efforts. These contributions played a role in the successful exits of several of his clients.

Randy's hobbies include music (singer/songwriter), golf, poker, wine tasting, sports, and travel
Tracy, CA
Executive Consultant
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