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Recent content by Portland

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    U.S. panel recommends export 'choke points' to prevent Chinese dominance in semiconductors

    "Much chipmaking equipment comes from U.S. firms such as Applied Materials Inc and Lam Research Corp which are already subject to American export controls. But key gear also comes from firms such as Nikon Corp and Canon Inc in Japan and ASML Holding in the Netherlands" China's buying from...
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    Semis Key to Combating Covid, Unsung Heroes

    Ai in tracking mutations is huge and something that hasn't been done before. Sadly, I don't think overpopulation will be a problem much longer.
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    Not enough EUV for Intel 7nm?

    People are retiring from Intel. We'll see if something happens or not.
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    Intel is attacking Apple

    Intel's 11 gen laptop semis are still elite but haven't made it to desktops yet? Some fabs can and some can't is my guess. So much of Intel's incredible market share was due to the physical superiority of their semis node size, etch, .... . Now that it's largely gone Intel's market share will...
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    Intel is attacking Apple

    Bk and bob swan didn't have the extremist evangelical cancel culture baggage. Intel works in a fine tolerance environment and sales are down. Some of the competition is technologically ahead. I thought the calls of Intel being dead were overblown but people who knew or knew of him said he...
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    Intel is attacking Apple

    Pat Gelsinger is a poor choice. He says one thing and Intel does something else. He either will do something crazy to get himself fired or be fired for quarterly struggles but he'll be gone in a year give or take.
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    Intel is attacking Apple

    Intel is acting like selling semiconductors is like selling shoes.
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    Cramer calls on U.S. to build factories to address chip shortage, unemployment!

    In most of America people want the manufacturing cash but don't want to do the job themselves.
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    The Foundry Model for Autonomy, TSM will rule

    It's small custom orders. When I think of autonomy I think of towerjazz and the best they can do is a 40 nm node. Really you should keep it at an 8 min mile pace for manufacturing and autonomy can do that now. For extremely complex stuff maybe tsmc will make a 3nm project but it will be out of...
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    Scientists develop AI tool that may help tackle novel coronavirus mutations

    Astrazenca vaccine failure is a big deal and everyone is now watching the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and if that fails ..... No one has been transparent with how the vaccines are made. Some people are getting them and some aren't and people are nervous about an up tick of deaths coming.
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    TSMC and Samsung's 3nm process battle officially enters 'white-hot' stage. Can Samsung win 3nm?

    Loser is relative, both will get there and make billions so I would consider both as winners. The real story is what computer scientists will be able to do at 3,2,1, and .5 nm. I heard of the potential from a podcast.
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    TSMC to make 3nm chips for Intel, sources claim?

    Computer espionage is more popular than ever. It's so complex that it has to be on a computer and competitors (samsung and intel) probably already have an idea how it's done
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    For First Time on Record, Yearly Non-Automotive Robotic Orders Higher Than Automotive Orders

    The problems people cause are different than machines. Machines break down and you'll need technicians and mechanics to maintain them. More machines mean more technicians which are too few now. The company I work for now that is a giant multinational corporation prefers people to technology. The...