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Recent content by Portland

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    Root scientific causes of TSMC's leadership / Intel and Samsung's failure

    The glut will hit and tsmc as well as Samsung are in a better position. There is a lot of trash where I live but some good people will be hurt.
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    GAA Is Ready for Customers’ Adoption – 3nm MP in 2022, 2nm in 2025

    2025 is a lot of time for nikon. They're already at 10nm. Asml needs to be concerned.
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    GAA Is Ready for Customers’ Adoption – 3nm MP in 2022, 2nm in 2025

    Imec with asml. Cadence with nikon. Synopsys with landa.
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    Alternative to Taiwan/China conflict

    It's a bizarre situation where geopolitical adversaries are huge trading partners. China offers labor and Taiwan technology both are essential. Taiwan and tsmc are the tip of the spear in technology and in 5 years the gap will be worse. I don't see Taiwan being part of the prc for the majority...
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    Alternative to Taiwan/China conflict

    Taiwanese work ethic and dedication will be near impossible to find in another country. It's a weird situation because China is only a quasi-superpower as the island chain is around but they're dependent on tsmc for foxcomm, Lenovo and others. It's a lose-lose for china.
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    Alternative to Taiwan/China conflict

    Tsmc is easier said then done. Other countries doing it, I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Alternative to Taiwan/China conflict

    Show me a harder working free people than the Taiwanese. I feel bad for them because most of it goes to defense. The leadership of morris Chang can't be dismissed. He does what Intel can't get foundry customers. Taiwan has two decades of independence but after that is anyone's guess. We do know...
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    Another new specialized server processor by Marvel on TSMC 5nm

    Intel needs to become a foundry, not immediately but at a brisk pace. The demand for idm semiconductors declines every quarter. If it wasn't for habana and mobileye it would be worse.
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    Just released, Intel is attacking Apple, Again!

    Microsoft is building a hub with 2500 employees for that.
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    The Semiconductor Equilibrium Is Shifting

    Tsmc is the leader. The one thing said about the Taiwanese is they will need to be the parents nightmare of losing their son to war if they want to keep their freedom. I work with Israelis and I'm around the Taiwanese and probably will work with them soon. The killer instinct isn't there.
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    What is Pat Gelsinger talking about?

    I see pat gelsinger as a command and conquer parody. He thinks he still is in 1996 and he takes technical people for granted as part of the narrative.
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    Root scientific causes of TSMC's leadership / Intel and Samsung's failure

    Kintestsu has a hub in Portland and their big client is tsmc. It's 996 and 997 there. They're having supply crunch and labor problems as well.
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    Intel Breaks Ground on Two New Leading-Edge Chip Factories in Arizona

    Where's the technical people will be the rhetorical question. Arizona has universities but will it's graduates be able to last more than four hours, stay in their post and not say bigoted things? Will they go to work high? Did they actually learn anything in the university or were they pushed...
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    Root scientific causes of TSMC's leadership / Intel and Samsung's failure

    They are 12 hours. 996 was used in China has it worked? Smic? Stem can be an art and a creative process is involved. Companies do need creatives. Taiwan is part of coalitions. They're better team players because they have to be. That a site from Arizona will be using a Taiwan process from sales...
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    Why is Intel reserving TSMC N3 given its own node roadmap?

    It was interesting comments on working with Steve jobs and the struggles with architecture. He didn't hold back and what he said was controversial enough that i'm being vague with it. He's saying it is different than some fan or analyst. He was/is a brilliant and successful engineer but that...