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Recent content by Paul2

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    Are Microns HPC Solutions a Significant Advance?

    Too early to tell anything until they put something on shelves. That AI thing is not selling well
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    TSMC Q3 2021 Discussion

    I think it's simple. Low node 193 immersion is terribly uneconomical because of multiple exposures, and restraining because of self-alignment trickery. On other hand the last nodes for non-immersion, and single exposure have very good yields, and productivity.
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    Seeking info on economics of passive components manufacturing.

    Hello, I am seeking info on how economics of passives production works. The question bigger than all the rest is how big needs to be the market to make a startup scale passives manufacturing profitable?
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    The third star Samsung Electronics wants to dominate cutting-edge chipmaking

    The joker in the sleeve is the monolithic 3D. Samsung is by far a the most ahead of the crowd company when it comes to mono 3d. They have working mono 3D DRAM in the lab, few more radical NAND rethingkings, and of course the had mono 3d logic, and SRAM working in labs at least 10 years ago...
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    US control of financial functions trumps Chinese military

    Yes — the simplest way is just to freeze the giant mountain of money which Chinese central bank, and other Chinese banks hold in US banks. Same with Russia, a double digit of Russian central bank money is literally sitting in the US under the nose of White House.
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    Oski Technology, an Expert in Formal Verification, Joins NVIDIA

    I am less, and less worried about a fab monopoly, than I am about EDA monopoly. Anybody not on a full spoonfed sevice from Cadence, or Synopsys is stuck making physical ip for 8-10 years old nodes. Sooner, or later we will see Cadence eating Synopsys, and it will be a full Decadence then.
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    Memory versus Logic improvements in new process nodes

    Samsung always has a joker in its sleeve. I believe they are by far the most advanced company when it comes to monolithic 3D in memory. Their 3D NAND RnD yielded V-NAND. Their SRAM, and RAM efforts were started at the same time, more than a decade ago. Imagine where they are now.
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    IC Industry at Heart of Possible China Takeover of Taiwan

    They did, their modern nuke project aka "Golden Path Project" under Chen was sunk with his embezzlement charges.
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    An open source PDK for 130nm process node

    And? Starting on 300mm is still way to expensive at a startup company volumes, especially if you are into mixed signals, or any other specialty process.
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    GAA Is Ready for Customers’ Adoption – 3nm MP in 2022, 2nm in 2025

    Metal, metal, metal Devices themselves scaled very well to the point where even an extra line, or two can now be added when needed Interconnect been lagging dramatically behind transistor scaling. Intel was supposed to have the densest middle-end, but ran into huge problem with cobalt. So...
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    Why an India-Taiwan mega chip deal could be a global save.

    Knowing India well, or best to say too well, I'd say it's a cooooooomplex country. We had talks with Indian industry moguls just a tier below Ambanis, and Adanis for turnkey manufacturing businesses. Never ever we seen somebody ready to talk, and talk, update, and ping pong proposals for close...
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    The Semiconductor Equilibrium Is Shifting

    All things datacentre pale in wafer volume to the consumer market. Consumer dies can handle the volume, and thus will keep their presence in the "professional" space in some "pro" version just because of that. Remember, Xeons only exist thanks to Intel's multi-decade dominance. The last time...
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    My friend is opening an LED lighting business. We found out there is no LED drivers on the market without through-hole parts above few Watts.

    So, that's how it is. A buddy of mine is looking for a place in Bangladesh for a factory, and he is sizing the factory floor for a business he wants to run for years on end, "until it stops working." We found it's very hard to make an SMT only constant current LED drivers. We looked at...
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    There is no going back to Samsung foundry for Apple(?)

    I know Apple engineering culture, as a number of my former coworkers went to work there at different times. Apple is a very conservative company when it comes to engineering Everybody hired to work there is a hipster by default, but engineering, which even enforces dress code, and kicks people...
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    Just released, Intel is attacking Apple, Again!

    While their nest egg is the Xeon, it's a colossus on clay legs, which are their desktop dominance. Once the consumer side, which really drives the silicon innovation, switches, there is no road back. The server market will switch in a few years as more performant cores will come over from the...