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Recent content by lilo777

  1. L

    TSMC founder doubts US competence in chip-making

    Just like US manufacturing declined (to a degree) as the country got prosperous the same is likely to happen to Taiwan. And then someone else’s (China's?) culture will prove to be superior for manufacturing.
  2. L

    TSMC trumps IBM’s “2nm” chip tech hyperbole with “1nm” claim

    Obviously both processes are far from ready but I would not compare a research paper with a silicon wafer (in terms of readiness).
  3. L

    Government should invest in TSM, not Intel

    That's half of my point. It looks like you believe that US do not need semiconductor industry. That's where we disagree. And if US were to save semiconductor industry the government may have little choice but to invest in it even if it means potential losses.
  4. L

    Government should invest in TSM, not Intel

    I think one needs to distinguish between regular investments and government investments. Government does not invest to make money (they can print them), government invests in country security and things like that. If it was just about money, the government would make even more money by investing...
  5. L

    Semiconductor Shakedown: Intel seeks 8 billion euros in subsidies for European chip plant

    It is indeed a challenge for Intel. I think there are two distinct issues here. To compete in the process advancement Intel probably does not need to have the same level of CAPEX. They just need to maintain a sufficient level of R&D spending (and we are talking big money too). If they want to...
  6. L

    Semiconductor Shakedown: Intel seeks 8 billion euros in subsidies for European chip plant

    And so will every other US semiconductor manufacturer. TSMC actually is participating in the the same discussions with US government that Intel does, so they may get a piece of this pie too: A bipartisan group of federal legislators in June introduced a bill that would set aside $22.8 billion...
  7. L

    Semiconductor Shakedown: Intel seeks 8 billion euros in subsidies for European chip plant

    TSMC asked for and was promised government subsidies for their planned Arizona FAB. Samsung is asking for subsidies for their next FAB in Austin. So why single out Intel for something every company is doing?
  8. L

    T J Rodgers Says Government Wastes Money

    It sounds like he wants to say that everyone but him is stupid. I have no idea what the root cause of the shortages is but clearly pandemic caused massive disruptions and dislocations. It's not always possible to predict the future. The fact that this criticism comes from Mr. Rodgers is...
  9. L

    The Intel (INTC) CEO Pat Gelsinger on Q1 2021 Results Discussion

    I do not think they mean Mobileye chips when people talk about automotive chips. Those are AI chips. They alsohave sensors but I have no idea who manufactures those (probably not TSMC). The reason Mobileye and some other Intel subsidiaries/groups use TSMC is because they were acquired by Intel...
  10. L

    The Intel (INTC) CEO Pat Gelsinger on Q1 2021 Results Discussion

    I don't know much about this stuff but I can confirm that the "tape out" term was replaced with "tape in" quite a while ago. I am curious as to the reasons. As far as chiplets vs tiles terminology is concerned I believe there are important technical differences between the two (at least from...
  11. L

    Does Intel deserve tax payer money?

    Well, this money can't go to AMD since they don’t have any manufacturing. Intel will most likely receive some funds (if the program gets approved). The more interesting question is: are there any other companies that can participate in this program? Those might be hard to find (which is why US...
  12. L

    China/Taiwan, The Most Dangerous Game, World Economic Collapse

    Is not Biden administration trying to deal with this issue by investing in local manufacturing?
  13. L

    Intel CEO to attend White House meeting on chip supply chain

    While I agree with what you said, I would add that "only at a level sufficient to meet the needs of US national security (defense, intel, cyber, space) and other critical infrastructure" is difficult to quantify. These industries may not need that many chips. On the other hand low volume...
  14. L

    Not enough EUV for Intel 7nm?

    Was gradual increase in EUV layers done because multiple EUVs present a technological challenge or because of the scarcity of the machines?
  15. L

    Cramer calls on U.S. to build factories to address chip shortage, unemployment!

    I don't think government "project" would work here. On the other hand, government "program" or "policy" might help. Don't you think Taiwan government played a role in the success of TSMC and Taiwan semiconductor/computer industries in general?